Monday, 1 December 2014

Somewhere beyond space and time

Sometimes I see her, that woman I want to be. Clearly, with no judgements, just love and sometimes I don't because I'm hurt, because I'm healing. Because I'm tenderhearted. Because unlearning patterns is hard work and not linear. This is a process and part of the process is losing your way in order to find it again. I just want the simple things, a free spirit, a wild heart, an open mind and fearless eyes.

Some feelings  you don't have words for them, you learn to define them by those who gave them to you. So I called love by the name that was bestowed upon you. At first I thought love needed to be tamed but I was wrong love was best untamed, untainted, wild and free. I don't know much about anything but this much is certain I saw all I ever was, am and want to embody is in him. So I keep him near as my life line, not that I couldn't be without him, he wasn't the air I breathed or the sunlight I needed to see, or  dark chocolate. He was as necessary as he was unnecessary. He lived forever in my imagination, to sense him near meant I wasn't some delusional psycho maniac. Although I admit he meant much more to me than I let on .

Maybe I still live in my own delusional world, maybe I'm the only crazy one here. Maybe I still haven't transformed into the woman I desire to become. Time and space can't deny this  knowingness I  feel from my core. Knowingness is about all I have but I know that I can count on it. Somewhere beyond space  there is knowingness that love is always here and that he beckons for only me and I for him.

Heart Follower

* Image by Janneke zonder Jip*

Friday, 5 September 2014

Don't be ruled by 'shoulds'

Sometimes we have this undeniable ache in life inspite of doing everything according to plan, the plan so meticulously calculated for us by our parents and society. When we live it out we get this nagging feeling like 'Is this it?, ' Is this what the sum of all my efforts have afforded me?' When this happens  we can't help but just burn it all in the hopes that only our truest truth will rise again out of the ashes like a phoenix. Sometimes we can work hard on something and we really don't get a reward or accomplishment for it, but we do become a better person for it. When we thrust ourselves in our work and experience 'flow' no matter how little results you produce. You will always create the right environment for your truth to emerge when you engage intently on your desires. That in turn creates the desired fuel for your mission.

So, I don't feel remorse for my decisions, because each has forged me into the person I am today. I don't feel guilt or shame because nothing is done in vain. All I hold dear is the one I know without reason is the source of my breathing. Life is all about allowing your truest truth to be expressed because we are nothing without it.

Yea, some days I feel out of sync but that also makes me feel alive. I don't feel as hard or passive as a rock, I feel so much and it can be overwhelming at times to feel but that only makes me more human. I'm not always bubbling with joy at every moment, and I'm not painless and I still cry sometimes. But that's just because I feel everything now instead tricking myself into hiding and numbing the pain away. I feel unsure, I Feel passionate and clarity and purposeful. Luckily the pain doesn't last forever. I definitely don't always have the answers to everything and I don't beat myself about it anymore. I can trust that with each step I am guided perfectly. I know now that the only way to be truly spiritual is to allow myself to be guided by my inner loving whisper, my God conscious instead of  everything else.

Heart Follower

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Reckless Heart

I love as easily as a child. It´s just love after all. No harm, no foul. We only learn to love by loving. Even when you hurt me. I love you relentlessly. That´s just me.That´s how I love. There can be nor fire that can keep me. My love knows no chains. And I will let my reckless heart love this way. For I know love knows no ends. It´s the very means by which we exist.

Where there is pure potentiality that´s where my heart will be. It will love regardless of who or what and will keep doing so, even if I want it to stop. My heart will probably go on loving beyond eternity. And I will let it love who it loves, even if it´s not returned to sender, or my message get lost in the mail, or it takes 20 years to find it or I never do. It´s going to love on wards in between the shadows where the corners of my soul meets yours.Where loves knows not of wrong or right, where labels or jurisdictions have no place, where possibility of your existence has left behind traces and scents in my left frontal lobe.

It will love you before you come into my life, as if the angels have left me subtle hints of who you are, and  I followed their guidance and it lead me directly to you. I will love you in techni-colour, when the clouds are blue or grey, I will love you when you no longer love me, or never did. But don´t think that because I´m a loving person means I will sacrifice everything I stand for. Part of loving means picking your battles, there is nothing wrong with choosing to be myself  over another. Another who loves you would not want to taint who you are.So maybe don´t bite more than you will be willing to give. I´m not down for revenge. When I notice my heart is being compromised, I won´t get even, I will leave you . Because you dared give me reason, so I left without a care.

Another time, another place, I´ll love you in the quiet and deep oceans of my soul but I won´t sacrifice my heart in the process. When I leave I my heart will go on loving you, without reason or care. I won't fight it, I learnt a long time ago that there was no use in trying to. My reckless heart will love you straightforwardly, no arrogance or intricacies involved. It will reach out beyond the surface, see you as you are, all mis-placed, mis-shapen, and love you, it will acknowledged you, reach out and touch you.

When I look outside I see beauty every where, I look within  and I see the same beauty. When I am graced with presence of anything outside of me, I begin to count the reason why it is beautiful. The more reasons I find, the more reason I have to love. I love like a kid high on coke and candy, drunk with the fantasy that only love can save us all. Because it can!

Heart Follower

If we´re honest here

To be honest I don´t write for recognition, I write because it´s the only way I know how to express the inner workings of my mind. Sometimes my words may get tangled up and knotted but I do have good intentions, I don´t intent to inflict harm, just to be true to the best that is in me. Please don´t think of me as anything more than a good Samaritan or a friend, giving of the best that  I know. See I don´t want you to look up to gurus and take their words for it. I want you to think for yourself, to questions everything, including everything that I say or write. Because you have that right! The power has always been in you to raise up and shout!

I want the best for everyone, I want to be able to look around one day and say that world is far better place then when I first arrived. I want to be free and to be myself apologetically and to make everyone has those same freedoms if they so desire it. If we´re honest here, I just want to live simply, I don´t want too much fuss, I don´t even want too many people. I will only consider new people if  I am drawn to them, they activate my good side and they are sweeter than my solitude. Anything less is out of the question. It´s not being mean or anti-social. There comes a point in your life where you get tired of forced interactions and superficial things and when you move beyond those things, only the deep and meaningful things will ever satisfy. So don´t take it personal! It´s just life!

I´m simply learning the art of allowing, establishing trust and confidence in myself. In seeking such I realise that all is impermanent and unstable. And so whatever comes, let it come, what stays let it stay, what goes let go. But I will cling to nothing in this world. Don´t be defined by your past or the things you used to do. Sometimes the only reward for all your hard work is not what you get for it but what you become for it. Be you.... be free and share what´s on your heart because you never know who it could help.

Heart Follower

Monday, 9 June 2014

More trees, less imbeciles

Maybe the bible isn't perfect. But that speaks more of our own human faults than anything. God speaks through the irrational wisdom of goodness,  he speaks through our intuition, in silences, I'm pretty sure that didn't get lost in translation.What's the gist to this piece you ask? Let me ask you something. Have you ever known someone so in touch with their intuition, and I mean the God given kind that they choose war over peace, or divisions and distractions over togetherness or perhaps hate over love? 

I believe that the more fervently we stand in faith, the less the material world seems to matter, we become ''heaven-minded''. I also believe that we become more authentic, humble, joyful  and kindness just over flows among other things. We no longer have to strive too hard, because once we are aligned with God, we see only the good in this world, the old ways simply fade away and we become renewed in him.

Sometimes in life people will try to let you know who you are. Take careful notes, sometimes their descriptions of you just don't add up and are simply their own projections of their life onto yours. Don't buy that life of  yours they claim  is  yours. People are desperately trying to label everything, to place people and things into categories. They will blindly make assumptions and associations about you with very little evidence. But that's on them, it's not something you need be concerned with.The minute we start thinking we know what should and should not be, or what we should or should not be experiencing, we are judging. Judgement prohibits true understanding. Surrender to his divine will, because it is written and so it shall be, all else is secondary.

Loving who you are no what where you are, or have been is the bravest thing you can do and  no  human being is required but you for that. Don't be overly concerned with making the right decisions, you will not be punished, tormented or persecuted for your choices, in reality there is no wrong or right you can do because you will always be saved by God's love for you. So accept each moment as they arise as if it's the perfect grounds for growth, trust that the very moment you are in now, is where all the magic lies. You have earned the right to be here now, and you deserve it all. Old experiences and memories that we hold on to in anger, resentment, shame, or guilt cloud our spirit and intuition. The truth is, everything that has happened had to happen. It was a growth experience. There was something you needed to know or learn. If you stay angry, hurt, afraid, ashamed, or guilty, you miss the lesson. You will be stuck in a cloud of pain.

Preach what you practice, is my very own little mantra. I find so often we ( myself included sometimes, although I usually keep myself in check these days) talk about a life or make suggestions to people, and yea we may have done the research to back it up but we don't follow this same practice in our everyday lives. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the mundane that we forget how little we really know. The human senses can only pick up a tiny fraction of the information available, yet we continue to perpetuate the idea that what lays before is all there is. How is that?  The more we think we know, and the more sure we are that we have it all figured out , the less we really know. I'd be weary of anyone who says they  have it all figured out. Who really does? Anyways I guess what I'm saying is that instead of judging, look with the eyes of love, hone in on that frequency of love, let it resonate deep within you, embrace it as a part of your being and touch the world with your spark of magic. Know that you don't know everything, in fact your knowledge is a  fairly skewed point of view but that doesn't hinder your divine perfection. As you realise your inner imbecile, and you learn to lay your roots in proper soil, prosperity will unfold. 

Heart Follower

Friday, 23 May 2014


Freedom is nothing but a state of mind. Would you still be happy and content if all your privileges were taken from you? Could you still count your blessings if all you had was your breath to count on? Would you still fight for what you believe in when you lost it all? What is your heart focused on? Is it to please God or man? Is it really so that to be successful in God's eyes is to attain success via money, status, or any other worldly pursuit? The mere fact that God made you means you are a success, he is God after all. I think it's sometimes important to remove our dependency on the world. We are not here to attain things, we are not here to gain popularity either. We are here to fulfil our purpose, those tiny seeds that God placed in us at birth, that we were meant to grow.We were meant to be unbounded by the shackles of this world and to seek joy in God.

Sometimes we get lost though, and definitely, there is a huge difference between knowing the path and truly living it. Yet most even knowing that they are not on the path will not even flinch to change. The tides have always been in our favour. I have come to know that even in my darkest hours there has been love revealed to me, when I cry a smile always emerges, when there's chaos in my atmosphere my calmness is always constant and I'm grateful for it all. I'm grateful because even in the darkness times I know God has a purpose behind it and that I can trust that because he is love and so all he does is out of love for us. It ought to be noted that no matter where you are at, you are not irredeemable, you can choose to be free and live according to his plan.I too have been lost before, but maybe my lost is not the same lost as yours, either way we have all tasted what choking is like. I'm pretty sure none of us what to go back to that! So let's lay our troubles down, surrender  our entire  being to him and allow him to fill us with his saving grace.

Heart Follower

Thursday, 22 May 2014


We ought to be grateful. We are such a small part of the whole universe, but each of one of us is as necessary and vital as any other because God says it is so. We must be grateful for the opportunity to live by the highest truth, the very truth at the core of our existence which is love.  I don't believe in fear, I feel like believing in such is limiting our potential. Not that I am saying I am completely without fear, it's just that if love is pure, if it is whole and all- encompassing than it can have no opposites, love is everywhere, and so no one can be left out of the equation.

We must be grateful because our time is limited, our bodies finite, our beauty temporary, our knowledge and worldly wisdom is subject to change, our possessions cannot be carried to heaven but the love we have for God is eternal and the love he has for us is beyond eternity. Rest assured that whatever the situation, circumstances, predicament or challenges that face you at this very moment, you have earned the divine right to be where you are. It has been made  perfectly clear that you can handle the hard stuff. As you navigate and swerve through the challenging  places, right now is where you have the opportunity to demonstrate how much you have grown in spirit.

When God laid out the plan for your life, He put greatness in you. He put creativity, strength, determination, everything you need to fulfil your destiny. All you need is already with you! Don't focus on adversity; focus on God. You were created to thrive and to live an abundant life. Take the leap and know that God is positioning you for greatness. How to make your dreams happen? Wake up and show up. Surrender your life to God, let go of all your attachments to the end result because love is all that's needed. If we were to simply begin a practice of gratitude in our everyday lives, we begin to notice all the abundance God has placed within us already, and so instead of manipulating  the world to meet our desires, the world raises up to meet ours. Begin with a grateful heart and abundance will follow.

The love you give is the love you live! Sometimes when we get too attached to the world and we rely too heavily on their opinions of us, we get lost, we start to loose faith in our power and potential. One thing to note is that if God himself created you- and he did, how can there not be greatness within you? How can you refuse to let the light God put in you, shine? How can you deny the world of your magnificence? How can you willingly  participate in your own slow suicide? The most good a man can do in his lifetime, is to seek God, choose to embody and express love always, to live by the truth he knows God approves of and to always stay grateful.

Heart Follower 

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The root of suffering is attachment

Can you control your own mind? Your attachments ? If you can't succeed in doing so now, what makes you think you can do so when your time is over? Learn to go beyond your mind, and in doing so you will soon realise that all there is and ever was is love, all else is temporary.When you begin to move away from the empty, grasping, manipulative condition, you must first learn to let go. You must relax, stop struggling, stop trying so hard, stop trying to manipulate things and people to get what you desire. Stop trying to do things and just simply breathe and have the experience of just being for a while. You will begin to notice how amazing you were made to be, without the aid of outside factors.  When you allow yourself to be present in the present you make room for an abundance of creative energy to flow through you. You will begin to realise that you can rest assured in the fact that God is always on your side, he will always provide for you, no need to try too hard. When you trust that you will always be carried, that your goals will always be heard and made to flourish once you are aligned with him then you will begin to place your focus on goals that make you thrive and come alive, goals which are directly in line with your core purpose. 

Most people have been cut off from their awareness of who they are, lost their connection with the divine and so all their power and will for life has diminished. They have become helpless to the pleas of their own heart. This inner helplessness causing them to overcompensate by striving and struggling very hard to maintain some control in their lives. Thus they become very goal oriented, they become attached to things outside themselves to create the illusion they need to feel happier about themselves. They feel there is something missing inside of themselves, they become tense, anxious and stressed, continuously trying to fill the emptiness in their soul, trying to manipulate the outside world in order to get what they crave deep within. Make a conscious decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved and the need to judge, you won't regret it!

Honestly, I have been there, I know what it's like and what I can say is that the bravest thing you can do is to completely remove that thing that is sucking the life out of you. No need to explain yourself, it's your God given right to eliminate anything bad for you from your life. It's natural that initially there may be some resistance but eventually this new and better way will make you into the person you were meant to be. True self power kicks in when you realise you  are beneath no man, and you are immune to criticism and are fearless. Are you willing to step out of the unknown? Are you willing to sacrifice who you are for the magnanimous person you were meant to be? The worst curse to befall anyone is a dreary stagnation, a banal existence, the quiet desperation that comes out of a need for conformity to man's ways.

Heart Follower

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Words are empty vessels

Before commencing battle, the warrior of the light opens his heart and asks God to inspire him.Paulo Coelho 

Words are vessels for power, you have the power to choose what meaning, value and focus you give someone´s words. When you choose to take nothing people say personal, you realise that everything people say are simply a proclamation of their current beliefs about themselves. You are the highest human authority in your life, I say human because I believe in God is spirit and so does not abide by the same human restraints.

I used to be bounded by fear, I´m only now learning to let go and let God, and part of that meant for me expressing my talents, well at least one of them. I wasn´t actually going to be able to make it at first but I really wanted to and somehow things got cancelled and a path was laid right before me. I knew what regret was like, from not taking the chance when it was presented before, so I had to jump on it quick. There are times you realise that there is no turning back, it´s now or never. There so many things that came up that could have  phased me. Like a few people saying something that might have caused me to break down and cry, or my sore throat, or me learning the song the morning of the day, or me getting my period right before my performance or having learnt that  another group would  sing the same song. But all those things ran like sweat off my chest, I felt loved and inspired and there was no returning to a life of fear. My destiny, like others alike was far to great to be diminished by trivial things.

That day, I was was experiencing the power of allowing. All sorts of things had been going on in my stratosphere and I had chosen to view each as an opportunity. I saw the present situation, in all it´s magnificence and I accepted it as if it was designed specifically for me. Working with the flow of things, and not against it can miraculously transform your world. I was assured in the  power I had been given  because I knew I had nothing to prove to others. I simply needed to allow myself to be myself, then love, authenticity and all that rad awesomeness can emerge as God had intended it to.

Heart Follower

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Knowing set in

Knowing set in. The kind of knowing that precedes a quiet resolution to never be the same again. Two tears stained my now now sun-kissed face at my soul's realisation, well actually my soul knew all along that this was true but my human instincts had had a fault in it. Sometimes knowing can simply be felt like a deep icy surge ploughing through your bones. In an instant what you held previously true no longer reigns in this reality. You then, now have grasped the eternal now, making the mundane seem like magic.

For some reason I heard these words whispered to me ''You are the highest authority in your life.'' This may seem blasphemous to some but for me my intuition is from God. and that's all the conformation I need to trust it. Knowing what I now know is just a quiet conformation that I am going according to plan, the plan God had intended for me. If you are still learning to use your intuition as a guide like me, you realise at one point or another that your comprehension of your intuition can be mis-guided.You see a fire and you feel this urge to run, but for me I felt this  insatiable desire to run towards the fire. I ran without looking back. It was like going deep into a miserable disaster of a situation and searching for myself, a pearl, the very essence of  who I was  and emerging with all of me.

Sometimes it's best revealing yourself in silences. I find you come to know more about a man from what he keeps in the silent corners of his mind than through any word he could utter.When someone reveals a part of themselves to you it's one of the beautiful thing people can share. It's amazing to be the one to hold the secret dear. Even if it's not so much a secret. 

When knowing sets in you know that true knowledge can only reveal itself when ignorance is cast aside. One cannot be invested in the unreal for that will continue to proliferate divisions and distractions in your life delaying and avoiding the impending truth. Such is the flow of things.

Heart Follower

Sunday, 30 March 2014


I have been thinking. Perspective is everything! Sometimes we may think that we are being negative but there is nothing more releasing than speaking the truth. It's how you phrased it though, if you make your thoughts about the situation permanent and fixed then that situation will remain as is. If however, you consistently look at the situation from a different perspective, you give yourself an opportunity to change yourself and as you do so your circumstances change and new opportunities arise. I believe in stating the truth,  however gruesome it may sound to some but I do believe in telling only those who will get it. 

Before I didn't open up that much but I find it to be very liberating. What I don't condone is to hang that ''victim'' badge like a stain on your heart. I believe that there is no shame in stating your state of affairs exactly as they are but too often we are afraid of who hears them so we don't. Whenever you feel too afraid to air your truth it's simply because the ears you have chosen to hear your truth are not prepared to hear it or because you don't feel completely comfortable with them or with your own truths. I don't tell my truth to many if any but what I do know is that real friendships require that you tell the truth, that you walk your talk and that you  genuinely care. I believe that quality is far better than quality that is why I chose to pick my Friends who resonate with me on a deeper level. What I mean by this is that we must have common goals, I find it to be best like this because this way we can really help each other out moving up the ladder. If you have people on your team that don't have similar core values that will cause a lot of disharmony and eventually you will fall out. 

The concept of negativity is haunting, we have become so consumed by the idea of positive thinking to get what we want that we feel we must completely disregard the thing we label ''negativity''. What if I told you that without judgements there is no such thing as bad or good. What if I told you that whatever you ignore or resist will continue. You must go through it to transcend it!

Heart Follower

Monday, 24 March 2014

The truth it beckons

I had the slightest notion that perhaps this was enough then I felt this tingly sensation and my inner voice speak to me in such a clear and profound way that could not be denied. I won´t say what it said to me because that is far to personal to say. But I will say this the world moves  mountains for people who align themselves from at  the soul level.Who wouldn´t? I mean people are magnets for their true desires and the clearer your intent is, the better your signal is to what it is you want to attract. Therefore it becomes far more easier to manifest in your physical life. Underneath it all, what is your purpose here on Earth? Sometimes we get so caught in all the mundane tasks that we forget to focus on our passions. When we lose sight of our passions we lose sight of the very essence of who we are. 

Recently, I have come to notice that some people have become a leech to my very existence. It´s sad sometimes to outgrow some friends but you have to realise that they no longer serve you and your highest calling. Sometimes you get back in touch and sometimes you don´t but the bottom line is that why would a true friend  allow you sacrifice something so beautiful and so wild just to suit their own fancies. Friendships and any relation is not a flame you should tame but something you should fan. Cut the chord and free yourself from people who taint your world views and say that ´´Who do you think you are to think so grandly of yourself that you could impact so many profusely?´´ Let me tell you who I am not, I am not someone who is aggressive or mean. I am as sweet as they come but as soon as you begin to disregard my dreams and ambitions, that is when you have crossed a line, there is no turning back from that. I do not apologise for affirming that, I think  it is common decency to realise that friendship are serious business. I take nothing lightly, well except for comedy.

I believe we have unlimited resources within us, we are infinitely powerful but more often than not we misuse this power. We think more is more but the paradox of life is less is more and that the less you focus on acquiring abundance the more you have. The´´ great powers´´ of the world don´t want you to know this because it is in their selfish, egotistical interest to keep you under their thumb. Education could be free yet they make it so that to get a ´´good ´´ jobs you need higher levels of education and this alone initiates an endless cycle of debt. Truth is you are probably worth more to certain companies alive then you are dead. If you really think about it, we have been duped into thinking that what you see is all there is when the human being can only detect a minute amount of stimuli through it´s various senses. You also been duped into thinking that they way things are is acceptable, that this the way things will always go and that to struggle is all you can do. Basically, you have learned to suppress your true power and who you are.

Remembering who you requires only that you trust your inner guru, it will never lead you astray. Trust the process of life and the flow of things and hold the vision in sight. Sometimes we may get backtracked but that is all part of the divine plan. Not everyone you encounter will get you! Not everyone will understand your path so don´t expect that from people. Our paths do not intersect to understand each other´s path but through living our highest vision brings about the courage in others to remember who they really are! All of life is about remembering....... 

Heart Follower 

*I would like to extend photo credits to Kheva August from EVolve *

Sunday, 16 March 2014


I´m not quite sure if manipulation is something many people resonate with, but this is something that has been quite prevalent in my stratosphere lately. I have grown to remember that manipulation and control is not being driven by a loving force but by fear. I have chosen to stick to what holds true for my soul and release the need to control absolutely everything in my life. 

While I don´t necessarily believe that people are inherently bad, I do  believe that in some ways people who try to manipulate you, are wounded. They have been traumatised by some life event or perhaps the one that seems more relevant to  my own experience is that before one could even walk, or talk or even do anything for themselves they were given some unrealistic, biased and unconditional reward system by virtue of their existence. This is not the same as praising a child for the good attributes and continuing to encourage them even when they don´t. It´s about giving them more power and control than they can presently handle. I´m not even saying that life is about learning lessons like we do in school, life is about remembering all that we already are. I am not one who believes that things ought to given to you simply by virtue of being male or female, or even by virtue of race, class, ethnicity or any other label that perceivably divides us. What I am saying is that the state of this planet is as a result of our collective consciousness. Why do we want such suffering for ourselves? Why did we choose to forget our origins?

Perhaps the answers lie deep within us. What would happen if there was nothing to be done? What if there was nothing to fix? Why have we chosen to experience ourselves as the light that we are when we could just be the light? Sometimes the light cannot know who it is, what it does and how it feels about itself until it has become it´s total opposite and experienced itself from another perspective. Maybe we are here for the experience of experience? Maybe the truth lies in the simplicity, clarity and lovingness of the message. There are so many truths out there but when we let our souls, our inner voice guide us we we choose the path of love instead of fear.When you truly remember who you are, you will undoubtedly relinquish the need for approval, the need to always be right, the need for you to to be in control. When you finally accomplish this, not through force though, allowing  yourself to be created as you desire it, only  then will you see the  truth that needs to be.

Heart Follower

*I would like to extend photo credits to Kheva August from EVolve *

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Truth is...

''Innocence is the ability to give and receive love without holding on.''-Deepak Chopra

Truth is... I'm ok. I am ok with it all, I'm ok with letting it all hang loose, letting it all rip at the seams, I'm ok with other people's quick judgements, I'm ok with carrying this burden and most of all I am ok with feeling this unbelievable lightness that comes with every unconventional decision I make. I have heard so many people disapprove of my decisions, others that  tell me to shut up and get real with myself but I'm ok with even that too.

See I know me, I have grown so used to myself and so in tune with what I really desire and want that I am unwilling to give my power away to something so frail and flimsy. Sure, I have made mistakes, plenty even and I will continue to make them. But just like every true yogi knows that yoga is not about being more loose or flexible or about showing off, it's about what you learn on your way into the pose, it's about acknowledging the sensations that arise and breathing into the uncomfortable sensations of the moment. It's about getting comfortable in the uncomfortable. True yogis know that yoga is about acceptance of self. It's about surrendering to what is and releasing what was. That's basically what life is about too! Yoga is not a religion its a philosophy for life.

Truth is I am just so gorgeously flawed, outlandishly actually, I share my hopes, struggles and dreams in the hopes that it saves you time and energy. I really do  hope it helps. I don't do anything perfectly, I am hopelessly flawed and loving it, I genuinely care and wish I could make a difference by simply laying it all out there. As I grow up I have come to realise that some people are starting to become strangers, even those you still hang out with occasionally. Do you honestly concur that by judging me, your little indiscretions go under the radar? That the whole world is fooled by what you ''perceivably '' are  doing  right ? My scars are signs that I am healed, can you say the same? I used to think that real recognises real, that if I was genuine everyone would show up genuine too. Boy, was I wrong! Some people have grown into strangers lately, I'm not talking about people that constantly check up or even occasionally check up because for some people there is no time and space that could ever separate our love. But the efforts that seem forced, seem like such a fragile, shallow existence of a friendship that only exists if we continue to be seen together and perpetuate the idea that what once was still persists. Even if our interactions never venture past the exterior of your vastly uncharted soul. Now I mean exploring another's soul through deep intellectual conversations. It seems kind of disingenuous if we continue to run just on the mundane small talk everyday all the time and for me personally I tend to swerve around those kind of relations. 

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Love is like coming home........

Love is like coming home. Ever embraced someone after not seeing them for a long time. You take in the smell of their skin, the feel of their skin against yours, not to mention that warmth they exude that makes you want to just stay forever. To me love is like coming home. We all yearn for this feeling. It is like a fresh breeze right of the sea, it hits you with such an inviting fragrance and striking beauty. But it does return to the sea again. When the breeze hits you, you feel like it would stay forever, you begin to become so attached to it, like it will remain with you eternally, because you feel this has affected me in some way so the breeze and I have morphed into one. But controlling the weather or the currents have never been within your grasp, yes you feel the breeze when your palms are open but once you tighten your fist that breeze is lost forever. When we love we must be prepared to let go, it is the nature of things.

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Monday, 10 February 2014

Tree huggers hunger!

Yea, I am a self-proclaimed tree hugger. Whenever I see one I must hug it! It might be the inner hippie in me but I just love nature, it's so liberating. I hunger, hunger for connection with nature, and no it's not weird, connecting with nature makes me feel closer to God. I feel like I'm at home. But you know what else us tree huggers hunger for?-TRUTH!  We value that pure, deep intimate connection with people, we just strongly dislike any false pretenses of all sorts. Nothing wrong with that, I mean who really enjoys false pretenses, or shallow connections or just kinda in, kinda out, maybe kind of people? I love straight forwardness, while at times I may not have always been that way myself but it takes a lot of guts to say what you mean and mean what you say. Know what I mean? A lot of people are afraid to expose their true intentions for fear that they might get hurt. Truth is a life spent hiding in your own skin, being ashamed of who you are, and your true life's purpose is a far deeper pain than any pain someone could inflict upon you.  So what are you hungry for? What sets your soul on fire? Who are you really? Because the longer you take to figure this out, the longer you suffer. You will know when you discover who you really are and your truth, because when you uncover your true potential there is not a fiber of your being that will let your true passions go unexpressed. What are you hungry for?

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Our deepest insecurities reveal our greatest gifts

When we understand our lives through the lens of our gifts it’s as if we have removed those dusty glasses  and really see stuff for the first time. All of a sudden, things make sense.When we express and embrace every part of our being, we become authentic, we may either be loved or scorned for this because not everyone is comfortable with honesty because of their own perception of how people ''should'' be. When we  see the real picture and not the image we perpetuate, the moving, human story of what matters most to us. We begin to understand that our biggest mistakes, our most self-sabotaging behaviours were simply convulsive, unskilled attempts to express the deepest parts of ourselves.
 Embrace your originality nonetheless. Personally I would rather be who I am and if people choose to accept me cool if not then I honor their inability to handle my truth. It's all good. Many times we don't realise that our deepest insecurities reveal our deepest strengths. For me my deepest insecurity was my sensitivity and my obsessiveness, until I realised that my sensitivity was what allowed me to connect, relate and empathise with  people and my obsessiveness was really me being fiercely passionate about what I am doing. In essence, the moment I stopped believing that I needed fixing, that my behaviours where wrong, I stepped into security. Being secure in myself, knowing that this was not something that needed fixing that being this way was my true strength I begun stepping in to my own skin instead of hiding it. I began embracing my strength as well as the shame it once bore and turned it into my greatest asset.What is your deepest strength?

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When  we deeply and intimately meet that which we have avoided we open the space for healing and transformation to unfold. What is your intent.....Look at your life and see how you are striving to achieve it. Although striving for something means you have stepped away from the experience of actually having it now. Instead of not wanting to feel pain feel the pain FULLY...breathe into the pain. Breathe into it, stay with the sensation as it comes without trying to change it. Do not resist the experience. The reality is when we realise that who we are is not what we  think, feel or do we discover a wealth of potential within us and the freedom to make new experiences.When we open ourselves to the experience of what is in the moment, when we completely surrender to the discomfort of the experience, we free ourselves.

Being open does not mean allowing your heart to be abused. Openness does not mean we permit the world to tear us down-No! We have  a filter where we take in the good we need and  give out the goodness within us. The positives in life constantly flow through you, you are a vessels for pure potentiality.

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To whom it may concern

This is my very personal  love letter to the universe so that  I can manifest  the man of my dreams.We ought  to get clear on our intentions if we wish to manifest our desires. Here's my list:

Qualities I look for in a man:
  • Generosity (mind, body, spirit )
I believe that love is a two way street, that requires a whole lot of give and take, which means compromise for each person. I believe that for a love to stand the test of time both parties must be generous with themselves in a certain respect. I don't condone either parties be generous with other people and share things that ought to be only shared between people only  in that relationship. But I do value people who are genuinely good, kind hearted and have good intentions, I believe in giving as in volunteering, helping someone who can't help himself, giving what you can when you can.
  • Authenticity (also lends itself to humility & vulnerability )  
I desire someone who is 100% themselves, not requiring input from anyone else to influence who they are. Someone who stands for something. I desire someone who is humble and open with sharing who they are, not someone who plays the victim and blames anyone else for their current situation. I need someone who is confident but not arrogant, someone who is secure in who they are.
  • Beautiful (mind, body &spirit )
I admire someone who sees beauty in the most unlikely of places, someone who is transparent, has integrity and believes that too be beautiful means to be who you really are. I believe that to be beautiful means to be true to you and use this authenticity to impact the lives of others. I want someone who takes care of himself and is self-loving to the point where he can harm no one.
  • Persistent , committed & dedicated 
I love to see someone who has been through a lot and still keeps going. I love someone who commits to the task at hand. I admire people who strive for better things. I love fiercely passionate people, but not workaholics, there is a fine balance that needs be established between work and play. I believe in leaving behind a legacy, expressing every last drop of authentic juices within you.
  • Values growing (Spontaneous and open- minded)
What I value most of all is allowing people to be who they really are, letting them unfold their own myth, people can change well in a sense, in relationships when we support people and encourage them we allow them to become who they really are deep down. I value growing, without growth relationships suffer. A man who values growing hits all my pleasure centres in all aspects of my being. Controlling people and forcing them to suit our own molds puts a damper on our humanity and it's just not loving, what you are essentially loving is your own image you have created in them and not what they really are.

This exactly what I want , admire , desire and value in people. I am ready to receive exactly what I described in my significant other, I will also accept a different flavour, or something better. Your call. Surprise me! Here's to sweet release!

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Friday, 24 January 2014

What acceptance is ...

Acceptance does not mean that you have resigned yourself to live the rest of your life with a particular person, or in a particular situation. It just means that you won’t cause yourself emotional discomfort because of the way things are in this moment. Acceptance means the acknowledgement of the way things are at any given moment without judgement. When can get to the point where we no longer question yourself. Let me explain. We all have this inner chatter that tells us we should do this or shouldn't do that. Acceptance means surrendering to what is ! It means you notice your feelings for why you don't feel like working out, eating right, doing that proposal. You ask yourself,''What is the deeper truth?'' The paradox of life is that without accepting our flaws and the way things truly are we can never rise above them.

Instead of judging ourselves, we embrace the full human experience which means flaws and all, all the feelings, all the emotions , all our longs, desires and experiences as they arise in the moment. When we let go of our own images of how things ought to play, we make room for the magic to happen.When we gain an understanding of how and why we operate the way we do.When we begin to have more compassion towards ourselves, understanding and working with the flow of life instead of against it , we begin to flourish. When we observe ourselves without judgement that is when we create the necessary space needed to transform. Relaxing and getting comfortable with ones deepest inner truth is what allows us to embrace every side of ourselves. When you open up you feel that warm tingly feeling in your stomach and you begin to make strides. Not just any strides, strides unlike any other that have been taken before now. Because you are not the same you, you no longer act from a restricted self you have now expanded your awareness. You are truly transformed! That's what acceptance is!

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

You are not alone

I remember the first time I had that'' you are not alone'' feeling. I stared deep into their eyes and  I felt a sense of familiarity and belongingness  spring forth . It sent shivers throughout my entire body. As we grow up we tend to believe that our brokenness is wrong, that it is unwelcome here. When the truth is our brokenness sets us free. Just like a phoenix rising from the ashes. What ever is breaking you today is paving the way for the new improved you to come into existence.

Embrace your story, your not so perfect is absolutely perfect in the eyes of the divine . The thing is we get so wrapped up comparing ourselves to others and that in itself is an act of hatred of self ,we forget that we too are valued and loved . We sometimes forget that while  the  path is working for you and it's probably the right way for you that you need not have reason to prove it to another. You ought to trust it . A warrior who trusts his path sees no need to prove the other wrong . When you live your truest truth the opinions of others do not matter nor do you concern yourself with forcing  people to do it your way or to see it the way you see it. When you begin to pester people about doing things your way you are not living your truest truth. If that is the case for you get back to the drawing board and start again . When you live your truth, you do not ask people to follow you, people will be drawn to you. That's the subtle difference that makes all the difference . Living your truth draws people to you ! Now this may not happen instantly but for those who live their truest truth being who they are is enough and they trust that in time people might come around but that is not the ultimate objective . Ultimately its about sharing your story, owning your scars, loving all of you and having the courage to  be who you really are.

I am here to let you know that what ever you are going through, someone has gone through it , hell probably I have gone through it too. We need to remind ourselves throughout our struggle that although our paths may be different, there will be threads of commonality among them. When we embrace that  fact we can come to better terms with ourselves and our view of the world. Many times when we are struggling we think we are alone in this, we feel ashamed, guilty or just down right burdened. When in fact  that is not the case. Sharing your story sets you free, it allows for the healing to begin. Now mind you I am not saying that you should ever use your story as your permanent voice over but use it to your advantage. When we play our broken story on repeat we play the victim and not the victor. Who do you want to be? So many times we get caught up in the wrongs that someone else did to us we forget that each person no matter how difficult has something to teach us. So what are you being taught today? How can you raise above it? Who can you confide in that will help you overcome this?

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