Saturday, 20 July 2013

Are you ready for a major game of leap frog?

Now this is not your average, ordinary game...This game is a little different. See in this game you are the frog , the game is life and leaping is the sport. In life we are bound to take some major leaps and I know it can be scary...YOU put them off because you do not think you are ready yet or you feel you are not equipped for the journey....Let it be known Heart Followers that one only receives the strength needed to survive from fighting and it is not the strong that fight it is that we have no choice in whether we fight or not.
How to know whether you are ready for a major leap?

Here are the signs:
  • The pain of remaining stuck with the same old same old becomes more scary than the possibility of failure in the future.
  • You begin to see a newer stronger and  potentially a different you emerging.
  • You may notice that you are doing more despite what ever limitations you previously had.
  • You are more loving and are optimistic, thus you are more of a people magnet than ever before.
  • You begin to prepare for the possibility of taking a major leap, that is building yourself and your reserves for your upcoming battle.
  • All or most of your you down-time thoughts is committed to thoughts about taking a leap.
  • Not only do you prepare, you plan out meticulously in all aspects of your life on how this change will impact you and others alike.
  • You make real and concrete decisions into ensuring that the pathway from where you are now to your future are  without self-made roadblocks.

Heart Follower

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Just give up now!

This is something I have pondered about for a while now, being the stubborn person that I am I have always been adamant in what I believe in. But recently, with a good friend and tons of hours of reflection later I find that there is really no need to always be right.I find that now I am more willing than ever to let go. That is a vital step not just for me and for everyone else who wishes to traverse the spiritual path.

Myself and I am certain a host of my readers included  have spent the majority of their lives building fences,blockades,placing armed forces to surround it just to protect our fragile egos.When you think about all our defenses what they are is really some sort of attack initiated by our ego.

Then we even have the audacity to begin to think that this defensive mechanism has brought us safety,strength,freedom from fear and self-preservation.But in truth it doesn't. It gives us quite the opposite of those things...putting us into a state of defense only makes us acknowledge our inherent weaknesses.

By all means forgive your fellow man,by doing so you  affirm that you my friend are not a victim and what someone says has no affect on you.

Defenselessness frees us, we are no longer in danger and when we have given up those arms,broken down those walls we begin to exemplify peace and find your true self.So just give up now! And you may begin to embody the great's mindsets of Ghandi, Jesus  and others like them.

Heart Follower

They must go...

''If people refuse to look at you in a new light and they only see you for what you are,only see you for the mistakes you've made, if they don't realise you are not your mistakes, then they have to go.''-Steve Maraboli
We all have friends like this, some of us more than others,who get irate or shocked ...when they discover you have changed, they feel as if you should go back to being the old you. Why do you  allow these friends who are obviously not serving any purpose in our current lives to continue to degrade the progress we have made? If you have friends that do not bring out the good in you, if they do not inspire and support you through your struggles then this is not a true friend and he/she does not deserve to be called your friend during your reign of glory. Don't waste a second of your precious time on people whose whole aim in life is to keep you down, stifle your dreams just so that they can climb over your dead corps to reach out the bucket. Leave those people where they are and climb to new heights with the select few who truly inspire that which is deep within you to flourish through the adversity and climb out the bucket of mediocrity, triumphant as the magnanimous flower you ought to be .

Heart Follower

There is no such thing as black and white when it comes to opinions.

When it comes to opinions it is all a matter of perception, we will all have unique ones given that they are truly our own thoughts; and not ones we learn to accept as our own due to conformity or a lack thereof of original and critical reasoning skills.We do not experience things the same way nor do we  go through the same things but we are all in the same game just on different levels and different paths within those levels. So we should not belittle others thoughts or actions because it is not something we would accept in your own life. It just may be the case that  in their life it  may be the right or best thing for them at the time. Truth is all a matter of perception. I am certain at one or more points in your life you have made choices which seem now rather questionable. I wouldn't exactly advise you to tell them the better way either  because in all honesty there is NO one way to get to where you want to go. What I do so solemnly urge you to do is to continue to move forward on your path and to allow your light to transcend through time and space, so that you may inspire a generation of people who believe in the power of their dreams.

Heart Follower

Monday, 15 July 2013

Know your limitations and then defy them!

We are limitless! Yes I know there are some things that can't be changed but let's face it we all have beliefs that limit your God given right for greatness.Whether we THINK we are not smart enough,not pretty enough, not important, mistakes and failures are bad, or that believing in yourself requires you to block out others opinions whatever the belief may be it is hindering any real and great potential from coming to the surface.  Defy those limiting beliefs! Negative beliefs chip away at your sense of self and alter the way you you experience people and events. Once you recognise these limiting beliefs you possess they loose all their power over you. Your greatness knows no bounds and once you accept your rightful fate you move into a state of no limits which is where all the magic happens.

Heart Follower 

If you are not ready to change yet then you are not in enough pain.

When we  feel  worn out, dilapidated, when we got nothing but broken promises in fact when we lose everything we have, for it's at the brink of despair, the core of our very existence that we find the abundance of strength we so longingly searched for before, is now and always has been within us all along.

All the answers to our probing questions come from within...they are disguised as the pain locked in our body and mind.Once we can separate our ego from the situation....that's when we can make lasting change and grow into a better version of ourselves and tread down different paths because once we realise that we can no longer live with the old, the pain evaporates and you begin to use that pain to serve you.

Heart Follower

Perceptive is Everything

Let me start by telling you a  story:

Four men were arguing about religion and God, each insisting that their God was the 'real' one. Unable to convince one another, they went to Buddha.
Buddha brought the four blind men to an elephant and asked them to tell him what they ''see''. One man was near the trunk and it was a cylinder,the next was near the stomach and so insisted it was a wall,the third was near the leg and felt sure it was a pillar and the fourth man got the tail and was adamant it was a rope.
Buddha asked ''So who is right?''

Every problem or situation has many sides to it. While yours may be true for you,other opinions can also be true. Perspective changes everything. So when you are dealing with something that's just too hard to handle and doesn't make any sense, you ought to realise that sometimes we are too close to the problem at hand and we need to take a step back(literally), get away from the situation to gain a different perspective on the problem. So that we can come back and shed a different light on the situation.

Heart Follower

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The key to to satisfaction is risky business!

Youth and risk go hand in hand.One cannot expect to grow and  flourish without it! I'm quite certain that many of my older audience will admit to taking some risks as they were attempting to find their own in this world.And for my younger readers, you can also agree that risk is absolutely necessary!

Living within your anxiety is optimal.What I mean by this is living in the realm of the unknown.Happy people have an intuitive grasp of the fact that sustained happiness is not only about doing what you like but also about daring to venture out of your comfort zone.Thus the more you cultivate a permanent state of curiosity the more satisfaction with life you will experience.

Forget about the pain and the mistakes you may encounter along your journey.It is inevitable! Use the hurt and let it serve as your guide when traversing through life but never ever lose YOUR curiosity!

Heart Follower