Sunday, 18 August 2013

Running away from yourself

Why we keep running from ourselves is something that has been on my mind for some time now. And as it should happen synchronicity brought into my life some people who allowed me to take a deep look in the mirror. Finally allowing me to confronting some truths about running away from myself. Knowing yourself is a journey, everyday you will learn something new about yourself but ultimately at your core who you are is fixed - you are pure love.

So....what is this idea of hiding from yourself?
Let's get back to the journey of finding yourself...along the way you may encounter dark, sinister and potentially threatening places. We try to avoid these places at all costs! And  we do so by  hiding from ourselves.

Running away, hiding and being in denial are strategies employed whenever people are confronted with something that undermines there good opinions about themselves or threatens to reveal something about ourselves that could render us utterly vulnerable.

Letting go of the old things that no longer serve you such as the job you had that made you miserable, the abusive spouse, the uninspiring  course- all force you to confront your own fears.

Many of us keep our focus on the outside and try to please and keep everyone else happy, neglecting ourselves in the process. Forgetting that we cannot keep giving people our precious energy that we do not have- we need time to recharge! Why are we always riding shot gun in your own Lamborghini ?

Awareness is the first step to solving any problem. Freedom comes form choosing to be awake and staying long enough for the good stuff to happen instead of  running away from our fears. Feeling emotions, being vulnerable, remaining true to yourself liberates you from the pain of a mere exsistence.

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