Monday, 8 July 2013

Don't compare your behind the scenes to someone's highlight reel

We sit watching others,though we only see their accomplishments, their products, their highlight reel; we do not know the work that goes in to make it all work,we do not know the demons that torment their soul nor could we ever come to comprehend what they have suffered even given all the facts because no one experiences ,feels and grows the same way.Just accept now that you know nothing about them!
Focus on yourself!It is the only thing in life you can change.Focus your energies within and start changing from the inside out.(that which is within shall be without).When your inner world becomes that which you so desire your outer world follows suit with this idea.You NEED to focus on yourself and succeed on your own conditions.Don't settle or adopt someone else's definition of success. You are unique therefore your definition of success ought to  be too! You run your own race, you HAVE  no TIME to compete with others because you are too busy molding yourself and chiseling away the debris to become that which you so ardently desire.

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