Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The root of suffering is attachment

Can you control your own mind? Your attachments ? If you can't succeed in doing so now, what makes you think you can do so when your time is over? Learn to go beyond your mind, and in doing so you will soon realise that all there is and ever was is love, all else is temporary.When you begin to move away from the empty, grasping, manipulative condition, you must first learn to let go. You must relax, stop struggling, stop trying so hard, stop trying to manipulate things and people to get what you desire. Stop trying to do things and just simply breathe and have the experience of just being for a while. You will begin to notice how amazing you were made to be, without the aid of outside factors.  When you allow yourself to be present in the present you make room for an abundance of creative energy to flow through you. You will begin to realise that you can rest assured in the fact that God is always on your side, he will always provide for you, no need to try too hard. When you trust that you will always be carried, that your goals will always be heard and made to flourish once you are aligned with him then you will begin to place your focus on goals that make you thrive and come alive, goals which are directly in line with your core purpose. 

Most people have been cut off from their awareness of who they are, lost their connection with the divine and so all their power and will for life has diminished. They have become helpless to the pleas of their own heart. This inner helplessness causing them to overcompensate by striving and struggling very hard to maintain some control in their lives. Thus they become very goal oriented, they become attached to things outside themselves to create the illusion they need to feel happier about themselves. They feel there is something missing inside of themselves, they become tense, anxious and stressed, continuously trying to fill the emptiness in their soul, trying to manipulate the outside world in order to get what they crave deep within. Make a conscious decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved and the need to judge, you won't regret it!

Honestly, I have been there, I know what it's like and what I can say is that the bravest thing you can do is to completely remove that thing that is sucking the life out of you. No need to explain yourself, it's your God given right to eliminate anything bad for you from your life. It's natural that initially there may be some resistance but eventually this new and better way will make you into the person you were meant to be. True self power kicks in when you realise you  are beneath no man, and you are immune to criticism and are fearless. Are you willing to step out of the unknown? Are you willing to sacrifice who you are for the magnanimous person you were meant to be? The worst curse to befall anyone is a dreary stagnation, a banal existence, the quiet desperation that comes out of a need for conformity to man's ways.

Heart Follower