Thursday, 7 November 2013

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself ....

To blaze a trail of greatness we must let go of all our ideas of the way the world ought to be. We ought to let go of  all the ideas in our heads of how things should happen in our lives  and allow your desires to manifest naturally. Trust that what ever you desire with come into fruition. When can get to the point where you can set an intention, and set it free with trust that the universe will grant it, that is when what you desire will manifest itself quicker than ever before.
To get to such a place of magnetic manifestation we must cease to judge ourselves based on your present level of consciousness, your present state has absolutely nothing to do with your future. Instead of judging get re-acquainted with yourself and your natural potential, every one of us was born with the same amount of potential so what's stopping you from living that life you have always dreamt of? There is no better time than right now to be all that you might have been. Take the first step that's all it takes. Courageously venture out into the abyss, or where ever your heart so desires to be and be you, do your own thing ....regardless of the opinions of others, regardless of what everyone else is doing, BE YOU!
You need to become so emotionally  involved in your dreams on a regular, in fact on a daily basis- it's your dream no? Make it a priority or it will never become your life. THINK ! What is the one thing that I should be doing right now at this moment that will get me one step closer to living the life I have always dreamt of and do it. All this time you were in your head just thinking and worrying , about what it would be like if  I was living the dream and all the things that are preventing you form doing it now. Stop getting in the way of yourself. Focus intently on the task at hand, get so wrapped up in it that worrying about whether or not your dream will come true no longer takes up space on your mind. Because  you are  too busy living life on the fast line. Too focused making your dreams a reality. Always remember that your thoughts are powerful ! If you want your dream to happen you have to stop worrying about the right timing and just do it already! Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about. Be real with yourself also, notice the negative thinking or habits that are confining you to a life imprisoned by your own devices and let them go. Life is all about surrendering to the power within and releasing your goodness into the world.

Heart Follower

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Stop the glorification of busy

Today I am telling my excuses to back off and I am on a mission to change my life. It's so easy  when your busy to tell someone ''not now I am really busy'' but the truth is when you stop making your connections with people important -it's you who loses out. Sometimes the very person you have been avoiding is the person you need to connect with the most. Sometime when we allow the connections to be made by spending time or sending a simple ''Good Morning '' text or a '' Hope you have a great day '' message is that little something or sometimes even the only thing in that person's day that made them smile. Make time for the people that matter. You say you care about them then go ahead and show it.

Nothing on this earth is guaranteed. So if you want something, do something about it. Have a story to tell. Tell it!  If you believe that life owes you something then you are in for disappointments. Life owes you nothing. You owe it to yourself to be all that you were made to be. There are no guarantees. The time is now.  If we spend our lives  '' I can't '' or '' I am too busy'' we miss out on connecting with the human race , we miss out on all  the beauty in the world. Which is just the saddest thing everrr!
Truth is we will never feel fulfilled until we connect ourselves with a purpose and that we must find for ourselves.We are our absolute best selves when we are connected to others, supporting them in their goals and them supporting ours.

I am on a mission to change myself and become the best me possible. We can be master minds together, join my circus of love . <3

Heart Follower

Monday, 4 November 2013

How I see love now....

Honestly this may come as a shocker to those who really know me but my views on love  have changed. Some may actually be proud, well hopefully that is. I no longer see love with the eyes of a little girl. You know when you were a little girl and you wanted that fantasy wedding and all that ish. But at the moment here are my views on love.

  • I don't believe that is complicated anymore. I believe you can love many people over your lifetime but it's the person you choose to love is the most important of all. After all love is a choice.
  • I don't believe that you should have to stick around with someone through thick and thin if they do not support you. True love means that you support each others dreams, no dream should suffer in a partnership.
  • I believe that love is not some kind of a fairy tale, what's the point in having a story with some sort of a guideline or plan that comes with it. It ought to play out spontaneously and have some fun with it.
  • I believe to truly love someone you must be present.
  • I believe you marry someone to make them happy, to be your best self and to see them smile through it all for the rest of your life.
  • I believe that there should be no too busy or any excuses, because love only compromises.
  • I believe most importantly that if you truly care about someone you will respect them and their decisions.
  • I believe that love is about appreciating the other person, not for what they have but simply for who they are.
  • I believe that you will wait for them if they are not ready yet because honestly sometimes if its right the heart already knows and its virtually impossible to let them go. Because they have left their mark on you. Forever embedded in your memory.

Thanks life for teaching me that!  ;)

Heart Follower

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Enlightenment is a destructive process


The more I walk on this spiritual journey, the more I am becoming aware of what is  beyond the surface or beyond what they might appear to be. Basically I am seeing things as they really are, I am seeing with eyes of discernment now. All the things that I  used to believe, I can surely say I am beginning to let go of the beliefs that do not serve my personal growth.....What lies have you been feeding  yourself ? Have you kept yourself bound to systems, structures, patterns and people that need to be revealed? Have you believed the voices in your head that you are  so not brilliant, or not amazing or unlovable? What absurd expectations do you have of yourself that need to be let go of? What are the beliefs you hold for yourself that are holding you back ?


The minute we let go of all pretenses and understand the man behind the mask, the man  behind every mask, the minute you decide to give up on facades and surrender to the power within and from God is the very minute you become enlightened. Enlightenment is destructive because it requires that you annihilate the beliefs that do not serve you, it requires this because no one can soar the heavens when you have baggage weighing you down. It takes massive cojones to let go of this baggage but we must do so. I personally would prefer the pain of self-discovery than  the pain of unconscious living. Which do you prefer?

Heart Follower

Let the healing happen

To allow healing to take place we must tell our untold stories. We must open the dialogue up for discussion, allow people to give their perspective on things, this doesn't mean you adopt their opinions  just that you need to see things from other perspectives. To gain such access to insights   we must look back in time or sometimes gain some insight from a close friend. Sometimes during difficult or stressful times we may have repressed certain issues. For me I had a couple of issues that I had repressed. To move on in life we must bring these issues into our awareness otherwise the rest of our life will be like swimming with an ankle weight.
Don't be afraid to open up, to be yourself, it is the way it ought to be. Feel free to speak your truth but don't let the negatives control your life. Release what's holding you back. Then and only then can you be free to be all that you were meant to be. Let the healing happen. Let the love in. May your hopes shape your future instead of all those things that hurt us.

Heart Follower