Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Feelings are the bomb!

I feel like sometimes we are afraid to be vulnerable....and we deny ourselves our given right to feel and express that feeling how we choose to.... I also feel like living in denial of our true feelings is because of a lack of awareness  of who we are is the root of our unhappiness. How can one ever be happy if one is not mindful of himself and what one feels at a given moment and why he/she reacts the way he does. Introspection is essential to happiness.
The good thing about feeling a certain way is once  you accept how you feel this way you can do something about it. Nothing destroys self-worth, self-acceptance and self-love faster than denying what you feel deep down inside. Your feelings are your truth and you should never under any circumstance  deny yourself of it. Allowing your feelings to heal yourself and share it with someone else . You never know who your story might heal. Without feeling you could not know where you are in life. Nor would you know which areas to work on. No matter what you feel allow yourself to feel it. Never be ashamed of your emotions. That is why what ever hurt you is fabulous. Feelings are great. Every range of emotions you experience has a point and a purpose. They are meant to guide you to far better places.
But I find that we were born into a world which does not glorify the expression of our feelings, everything we were taught in our early developmental years was focused on academics or sports. We were taught to win in life but we were never taught what to do when life throws us a challenge. We were never taught or at school and for many of us at home about  the values of knowing yourself, self-development and self-love. The thing is you can't succeed in life truly and be able to sleep with a sound mind unless you are completely happy with yourself. The sad thing is many of us are not happy. We only think we are! We think that going out all the time makes us happy, we think drinking and  drugs makes us happy , we thinking hiding from everything will  prevent the pain , we think being noticed will make the emptiness evaporate , we think that possessions matter , we think that being liked by everyone matters and what ever the costs but absolutely none of that matters. The only thing that matters is you , your passion and enthusiasm for life and your message to the world. You can't be legendary without a message.  
 I knew a man he committed his life to chasing women and using them to meet his excessive and grand demands whether he was aware of it or not, later in life he eventually settled down but because of his in- built mind set , the way he used his charm to lie and con people into thinking he was oh so grandiose ......he has never truly connected with anyone beyond the surface level. From the outside it may appear that he is the epitome of what a man should be but he knows just how vacant of a shell he really is. My point is that you can keep yourself busy with just about anything you can image but  eventually those ''things '' will wither away. Can you honestly say that you would be happy without ''things'' what ever those things might be. If only this man had slowed done a little and gotten to know himself better, fallen in love with himself and found out what really makes him happy, he would not be in such a mess now. I say the earlier the better , it's really hard to change an old man or old dog or old anyone especially if they are stubborn. That's why you have to make change a constant in your life. I know it can be hard to but you got to do it . And I mean DO it! Not think about it just do it already mehn! Change your life by getting re-acquainted with yourself and your emotions. Because there ain't any better guide in your life than your emotions, trust them.  Always remember that your emotions are your guide and not your permanent residence.

Heart Follower