Monday, 24 March 2014

The truth it beckons

I had the slightest notion that perhaps this was enough then I felt this tingly sensation and my inner voice speak to me in such a clear and profound way that could not be denied. I won´t say what it said to me because that is far to personal to say. But I will say this the world moves  mountains for people who align themselves from at  the soul level.Who wouldn´t? I mean people are magnets for their true desires and the clearer your intent is, the better your signal is to what it is you want to attract. Therefore it becomes far more easier to manifest in your physical life. Underneath it all, what is your purpose here on Earth? Sometimes we get so caught in all the mundane tasks that we forget to focus on our passions. When we lose sight of our passions we lose sight of the very essence of who we are. 

Recently, I have come to notice that some people have become a leech to my very existence. It´s sad sometimes to outgrow some friends but you have to realise that they no longer serve you and your highest calling. Sometimes you get back in touch and sometimes you don´t but the bottom line is that why would a true friend  allow you sacrifice something so beautiful and so wild just to suit their own fancies. Friendships and any relation is not a flame you should tame but something you should fan. Cut the chord and free yourself from people who taint your world views and say that ´´Who do you think you are to think so grandly of yourself that you could impact so many profusely?´´ Let me tell you who I am not, I am not someone who is aggressive or mean. I am as sweet as they come but as soon as you begin to disregard my dreams and ambitions, that is when you have crossed a line, there is no turning back from that. I do not apologise for affirming that, I think  it is common decency to realise that friendship are serious business. I take nothing lightly, well except for comedy.

I believe we have unlimited resources within us, we are infinitely powerful but more often than not we misuse this power. We think more is more but the paradox of life is less is more and that the less you focus on acquiring abundance the more you have. The´´ great powers´´ of the world don´t want you to know this because it is in their selfish, egotistical interest to keep you under their thumb. Education could be free yet they make it so that to get a ´´good ´´ jobs you need higher levels of education and this alone initiates an endless cycle of debt. Truth is you are probably worth more to certain companies alive then you are dead. If you really think about it, we have been duped into thinking that what you see is all there is when the human being can only detect a minute amount of stimuli through it´s various senses. You also been duped into thinking that they way things are is acceptable, that this the way things will always go and that to struggle is all you can do. Basically, you have learned to suppress your true power and who you are.

Remembering who you requires only that you trust your inner guru, it will never lead you astray. Trust the process of life and the flow of things and hold the vision in sight. Sometimes we may get backtracked but that is all part of the divine plan. Not everyone you encounter will get you! Not everyone will understand your path so don´t expect that from people. Our paths do not intersect to understand each other´s path but through living our highest vision brings about the courage in others to remember who they really are! All of life is about remembering....... 

Heart Follower 

*I would like to extend photo credits to Kheva August from EVolve *