Saturday, 12 April 2014

Knowing set in

Knowing set in. The kind of knowing that precedes a quiet resolution to never be the same again. Two tears stained my now now sun-kissed face at my soul's realisation, well actually my soul knew all along that this was true but my human instincts had had a fault in it. Sometimes knowing can simply be felt like a deep icy surge ploughing through your bones. In an instant what you held previously true no longer reigns in this reality. You then, now have grasped the eternal now, making the mundane seem like magic.

For some reason I heard these words whispered to me ''You are the highest authority in your life.'' This may seem blasphemous to some but for me my intuition is from God. and that's all the conformation I need to trust it. Knowing what I now know is just a quiet conformation that I am going according to plan, the plan God had intended for me. If you are still learning to use your intuition as a guide like me, you realise at one point or another that your comprehension of your intuition can be mis-guided.You see a fire and you feel this urge to run, but for me I felt this  insatiable desire to run towards the fire. I ran without looking back. It was like going deep into a miserable disaster of a situation and searching for myself, a pearl, the very essence of  who I was  and emerging with all of me.

Sometimes it's best revealing yourself in silences. I find you come to know more about a man from what he keeps in the silent corners of his mind than through any word he could utter.When someone reveals a part of themselves to you it's one of the beautiful thing people can share. It's amazing to be the one to hold the secret dear. Even if it's not so much a secret. 

When knowing sets in you know that true knowledge can only reveal itself when ignorance is cast aside. One cannot be invested in the unreal for that will continue to proliferate divisions and distractions in your life delaying and avoiding the impending truth. Such is the flow of things.

Heart Follower