Saturday, 30 November 2013

When your fears start to manifest

All you feel  like  screaming  is I hate  you to the person  you once  loved. A million  thoughts  transpire  and materialise  into reality. How  can I hate  you so much ? Well  your  a liar for one . You  spun  my head round  until  it was unscrewed and then ask where  my sanity  had gone ! Down  the grain  of course  along  with your  morality, chivalry and your  humility. Arrogant fool, I hate you, love  you and hate  that  I love  you despite  it all. What  is it that  you do to me? Have  you got your  love  spells  in those  eyes ....well  take  them  out because  I don't  want  fall for your  wicked  games  anymore. Loving  you is such  a chore  I might  as well give  up the race. Let someone  else  have  you. Because  you give  me nothing  but time  to bleed and bleed  my blood  and you stare  without  a care  in the world. I hate you but I love  you. Never  thought  that  was possible but I guess  it is because  that  is exactly  how  I feel. Stupid  fool ,ok I know  it was initially  my fault  but I ........
I regret  it so much  now and it pains  me to admit it  because  I know  you don't  care anymore. I hate  that  you don't  care anymore  but I know  its  my fault . Wish  it  could  be fixed but you have  moved  on and I haven't . Silly  old me ......
Excuse the melodrama! Whenever you feel like this realise that you deserve far better than this. LET IT GO! LET IT GO! LET IT GO! That's all there is to it! Let it go and let God guide you to far better places. Allow God to fill you where ever this person left cracks.
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Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Greatest act of Love is Letting go

Hold on to nothing, nothing belongs to you, not even your body. Everything you come into contact with is temporary. The irony of loving someone is that sometimes we ought to let go instead of holding on or sometimes hold on instead of letting go. Trust your guts as a good friend of mine always says. Don't hold tightly onto someone who is determined not to keep a permanent spot open for you. Leave them. No one is that busy that they can't pick up a freaking phone and call you, respond to a text, notice the little things about you, make time for you. Don't believe them when they say I have been busy because even the busiest person can make time for the things they truly care about. Best believe that he/she doesn't care about you, they don't notice what is special about you and you know what, their loss! You don't deserve to be someones option. You deserve to be the prize, the ultimate partner in crime. You deserve to be treated with respect. You deserve an honest and authentic relationship. You deserve loyalty and stability and if they can't give you that don't settle for mediocrity.

Sometimes people must  fall apart to realise how much they mean to each other. Let things unfold as it was intended by the good creator. The person you want so bad may not be the person for you. Trust that God has your back and is using every circumstance in your life to create the right you that is meant to meet the man/woman he has in store for you. If you realise that your current situation and people no longer serve you let them go and move into attracting more beneficial situations, circumstances and people for your life. Don't be afraid to let people go, sometimes it is the only way to hold onto your sanity and perhaps if these people are meant to be a part of your journey time will find a way of bringing you back together, undoubtedly. What is meant to be will always be- there is no fighting it! Trust that! But do not cling obsessively to something, when it is not God's intent for you at this moment. Let go and let God guide you accordingly.

To manifest what you so ardently desire just  think  about  what you want. The tighter  you try and hold  on to something  you are afraid  of losing, the more you are pushing  it away. Thoughts  that you do not want  to lose something  are filled with fear, and if you continue  with these  thoughts, whatever  you fear  will not come  upon  you. All manifestation comes to pass because  of your  frequency. If something  you want  is not manifesting in your life, you have  to change  your frequency. Every time  you're grateful , in that  moment, you've  change  your  frequency. Not there  yet ? Increase  your  gratitude. Hasn't  manifested yet? Increase  your  gratitude even  more. Got it ?Write that down on a piece of paper. GRATITUDE!  GRATITUDE! GRATITUDE! Become a vessel for abundance by being grateful for what you already got!
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Monday, 25 November 2013

Unwelcome here

Well  honestly,  this  might  sound  down  right  pitiful but I am unashamed  of how  I feel . Sometimes I feel  unwelcome here. Its  not just  you, but its  that  look  in your  eyes  like  I am some  sort  of infidel, misfit, a rebel  of my kind. Those  feelings  last  but a second but it happens  almost  everyday so I have  begun  to wonder .....Is it me or you ?

One  thing  is certain  never  take  things  personally. You cannot  control  people. There is a huge amount of freedom that comes from not taking things personally, the world could gossip about you, throw stones and what not and that wouldn't affect you. What others do or say about you has nothing to do with you it has  everything to do with their perception and their own fears about themselves. You hold the truth of who you are, other people's opinions, good or bad are inconsequential. The truth of who you are should drown all the voices of the naysayers. What kind of a frail, fragile shell of human would you be if your every move was based on the opinion of others? Could you satisfied knowing that your actions were dependant on someone else? The thing is the are many truths out there ----think of a lake and people completely surrounding the lake ....if you ask everyone to only at what is directly in front of them, then ask them what they see , you will find different perceptions of it (but never would they say it is a lake) but that doesn't make each person's opinion wrong-----it is right from the perspective they are coming from. The thing about perspective is that it is riddled with automated beliefs systems, most of which we are utterly unaware of, things like past experiences which inhibit our present growth either blatantly or subtly. Adopting someone else's belief that you are ugly, or inadequate is not only illogical but stupid. How can you sign onto someone else's idea of your reality?

 But be sure before you outlaw this idea that someone else has of you , think about whether this is really true. We ought not even to take our own opinions of ourselves as the absolute truth. Be honest with yourself, that's the only way to grow. Introspection is important here yet again, if  you know the truth of who you are, your weaknesses and strengths, no one can make you believe something about you that is not in line with your thinking. You have got to learn to take people's compliments and critics with a grain of salt because everything they say is based on their reality and not yours. A sense of self based on other people's opinion's of you is fickle and frail. Once your sense of self and self-worth comes from within no one can shake you. That's why must become your biggest cheerleader and your harshest critic.

For example; I have  noticed  about  myself  that  I tend  to over  talk  or try to persuade  people .......perhaps  that  is off putting but as a very  sensitive  person  I have  gone  through  a lot  and  I hate  to see people  especially  ones  I love  go through  any sort  of pain . But sometimes  love  means  allowing  people  to make  their  own  mistakes. I realise  that  sometimes  I talk  to much  because  I get excited,  growing  up it was hard  to find  people  to relate  to so naturally  a lot things  have  been  bottled  up. But that  is not excuse for shutting  other  people  up. Just  as you would  have  liked  to expressed  certain  things  they  deserve the same  respect. Also  give  people  their  air  time. Listen! There  is no act more loving  than  listening  to what  someone  else  has to say. We all want  to be heard. Give  what  it is you desire  for yourself  and it will be granted  unto  you.

Back  to the feeling  unwelcome  here  part, perhaps  this  is your  temporary  residence  maybe  you are just  passing  through  light years  ahead  of the rest of us. Maybe  this  uncomfortable  feeling  is anxieties  manifesting  .....maybe  its  telling  you to get up and change. Sometimes  when  we at a standstill and absolutely  nothing  much  is going  on in our lives, our wounds  have  been  opened  or perhaps  we have  finally  discovered  that  they do in fact  exist we must  and boy  I mean  must  heal  our broken  selves. Because  we are preparing  for our upcoming  battle.We ought  to recognise our faults,  the things  that  are hindering  our growth and  boy  lately  I have  noticed  alot of them. Perhaps  to many. Fact  remains  your  past  should  not be your  permanent  residence. You are destined  for greatness.  We are born  and bred  champions. Don't  let the tiny  sores  get in the way of your  victory. Heal  your  past  so it does  not hinder  your  future. Hold on to the truth of who you are and never let anyone take that from you.

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