Wednesday, 11 June 2014

If we´re honest here

To be honest I don´t write for recognition, I write because it´s the only way I know how to express the inner workings of my mind. Sometimes my words may get tangled up and knotted but I do have good intentions, I don´t intent to inflict harm, just to be true to the best that is in me. Please don´t think of me as anything more than a good Samaritan or a friend, giving of the best that  I know. See I don´t want you to look up to gurus and take their words for it. I want you to think for yourself, to questions everything, including everything that I say or write. Because you have that right! The power has always been in you to raise up and shout!

I want the best for everyone, I want to be able to look around one day and say that world is far better place then when I first arrived. I want to be free and to be myself apologetically and to make everyone has those same freedoms if they so desire it. If we´re honest here, I just want to live simply, I don´t want too much fuss, I don´t even want too many people. I will only consider new people if  I am drawn to them, they activate my good side and they are sweeter than my solitude. Anything less is out of the question. It´s not being mean or anti-social. There comes a point in your life where you get tired of forced interactions and superficial things and when you move beyond those things, only the deep and meaningful things will ever satisfy. So don´t take it personal! It´s just life!

I´m simply learning the art of allowing, establishing trust and confidence in myself. In seeking such I realise that all is impermanent and unstable. And so whatever comes, let it come, what stays let it stay, what goes let go. But I will cling to nothing in this world. Don´t be defined by your past or the things you used to do. Sometimes the only reward for all your hard work is not what you get for it but what you become for it. Be you.... be free and share what´s on your heart because you never know who it could help.

Heart Follower