Sunday, 3 November 2013

Enlightenment is a destructive process


The more I walk on this spiritual journey, the more I am becoming aware of what is  beyond the surface or beyond what they might appear to be. Basically I am seeing things as they really are, I am seeing with eyes of discernment now. All the things that I  used to believe, I can surely say I am beginning to let go of the beliefs that do not serve my personal growth.....What lies have you been feeding  yourself ? Have you kept yourself bound to systems, structures, patterns and people that need to be revealed? Have you believed the voices in your head that you are  so not brilliant, or not amazing or unlovable? What absurd expectations do you have of yourself that need to be let go of? What are the beliefs you hold for yourself that are holding you back ?


The minute we let go of all pretenses and understand the man behind the mask, the man  behind every mask, the minute you decide to give up on facades and surrender to the power within and from God is the very minute you become enlightened. Enlightenment is destructive because it requires that you annihilate the beliefs that do not serve you, it requires this because no one can soar the heavens when you have baggage weighing you down. It takes massive cojones to let go of this baggage but we must do so. I personally would prefer the pain of self-discovery than  the pain of unconscious living. Which do you prefer?

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