Sunday, 26 January 2014


When  we deeply and intimately meet that which we have avoided we open the space for healing and transformation to unfold. What is your intent.....Look at your life and see how you are striving to achieve it. Although striving for something means you have stepped away from the experience of actually having it now. Instead of not wanting to feel pain feel the pain FULLY...breathe into the pain. Breathe into it, stay with the sensation as it comes without trying to change it. Do not resist the experience. The reality is when we realise that who we are is not what we  think, feel or do we discover a wealth of potential within us and the freedom to make new experiences.When we open ourselves to the experience of what is in the moment, when we completely surrender to the discomfort of the experience, we free ourselves.

Being open does not mean allowing your heart to be abused. Openness does not mean we permit the world to tear us down-No! We have  a filter where we take in the good we need and  give out the goodness within us. The positives in life constantly flow through you, you are a vessels for pure potentiality.

Heart Follower

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