Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Dynamics of Love

Understanding something as personal and complex as love is surely not an easy thing to do. I have noticed time and time again that there is a huge difference between the ''I care about you'' love and '' I care for you '' or '' I love you'' kind of love. The first only requires that you spend time and offer it in ways that do not create too much discomfort for either parties. This kind of love does not require much of a psychic, emotional or physical efforts. But in the latter there is no need for separation even when you are not physically together you in sync so much it's like that person never left because you have become a part of each other like a limb or brain. Let's pretend your love really was your limb and you got into an accident and had to have it amputated to prevent further infection would  probably go through phantom limb syndrome where you feel the pain of a limb that is no longer there. That's because it is impossible to deny the existence of a love like this once you have it. All the walls you have so carefully built up come down naturally. Without the removing of these walls that is not true love. Love cannot exist until the walls have come down, until there is space made for the psychic, emotional and physical needs needed to build a communion. Love cannot not breed in separateness. Love is wholesome. To remove the walls means we are open to the idea of vulnerability, receptivity and emotional intimacy which is needed in establishing love. When you find it there is just that *instant knowing* or *click*, you guys were meant to meet. Just my humble observations.

Heart Follower

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Ego traps

As spiritual beings, when we try to annihilate our ego it becomes really cunning and try to disguise itself as something else. The ego loathes being exposed and ultimately annihilated. Therefore when you think you have recognised and eradicated it, it will prevail in more subtle ways that you surely won't even be aware of.

Here are some ego-driven behaviour disguised as enlightened behaviour:

  • Let's say you start hanging around people who are like minded and start discussing how ego driven and unenlightened so many people are and how much they need to become more enlightened----- that my friend is an ego trap. It is not a good way of teaching anyone anything , it is however, a subtle way to give yourself a pat on the back for being above the masses . This an ego-driven  behaviour disguised as enlightened behaviour.
  • Another prime example of this is, say you don't watch TV anymore for whatever the reason. Now you find yourself silently or vocally judging others for watching TV, going on about how sad it is that we don't make many lasting or meaningful relationships or never reach or true potential because our focus lies somewhere else -------That's an ego trap!
  • Let's say you hate gossipping and will go to great lengths to discuss why it is you don't do it. Then you judge everyone else who does. Your ego has tricked you yet again. No matter how much of  an enlightened person you think you are, we all gossip --- FACT!
  • Another example of an ego trap is this, say you tend to believe in a fair political system, while this seems noble the ego has over taken any good intent. Always taking the fair side is just as biased, stubborn and ego-driven as always taking the left or right side. Every situation is different some times we must swerve left, or right or keep going straight ahead, there is not one way that can solve every problem every time. That's an ego trap!
Truth be told even I fall into most, if not all of these ego traps from time to time.  I try to be conscious of when I am doing it and to be completely honest with myself so I don't fool myself into thinking I am more enlightened than I really am.

Heart Follower