Friday, 23 May 2014


Freedom is nothing but a state of mind. Would you still be happy and content if all your privileges were taken from you? Could you still count your blessings if all you had was your breath to count on? Would you still fight for what you believe in when you lost it all? What is your heart focused on? Is it to please God or man? Is it really so that to be successful in God's eyes is to attain success via money, status, or any other worldly pursuit? The mere fact that God made you means you are a success, he is God after all. I think it's sometimes important to remove our dependency on the world. We are not here to attain things, we are not here to gain popularity either. We are here to fulfil our purpose, those tiny seeds that God placed in us at birth, that we were meant to grow.We were meant to be unbounded by the shackles of this world and to seek joy in God.

Sometimes we get lost though, and definitely, there is a huge difference between knowing the path and truly living it. Yet most even knowing that they are not on the path will not even flinch to change. The tides have always been in our favour. I have come to know that even in my darkest hours there has been love revealed to me, when I cry a smile always emerges, when there's chaos in my atmosphere my calmness is always constant and I'm grateful for it all. I'm grateful because even in the darkness times I know God has a purpose behind it and that I can trust that because he is love and so all he does is out of love for us. It ought to be noted that no matter where you are at, you are not irredeemable, you can choose to be free and live according to his plan.I too have been lost before, but maybe my lost is not the same lost as yours, either way we have all tasted what choking is like. I'm pretty sure none of us what to go back to that! So let's lay our troubles down, surrender  our entire  being to him and allow him to fill us with his saving grace.

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