Friday, 30 August 2013

What is missing here?-Patience!

In this modern day and age we are so focused on instant gratification.
What we forget to realise or rather our current awareness does not permit us to acknowledge is that acting on a dream and expressing your unique talents is like planting a seed. Within each and everyone one of us is unlimited potential. With the proper soil, sunlight, water and time the seed will flourish.
But this now for now mentality impedes its growth.You cannot expect to come to that seed you have just planted and see results after an hour.That's just absurd!

Instead you must be patient. Patience is allowing your dreams to unfold in the exact way God intended it to, one day at a time. It is having the faith that although you may feel unsettled at heart you believe that it will all work out in your favour, even if at this present moment it may not seem so.

Patience is a radical acceptance of your present state and then correcting your course. It also means to learn and grow from your mistakes, realising that all your things that have happened to you were absolutely necessary for you to become you.

Patience means living knowing that delays are not denials.

Once you cultivate this kind of patience, you make room for miracles! By having a calm mind the universe can deliver so much more than you could ever imagine. 

Heart Follower