Friday, 14 February 2014

Love is like coming home........

Love is like coming home. Ever embraced someone after not seeing them for a long time. You take in the smell of their skin, the feel of their skin against yours, not to mention that warmth they exude that makes you want to just stay forever. To me love is like coming home. We all yearn for this feeling. It is like a fresh breeze right of the sea, it hits you with such an inviting fragrance and striking beauty. But it does return to the sea again. When the breeze hits you, you feel like it would stay forever, you begin to become so attached to it, like it will remain with you eternally, because you feel this has affected me in some way so the breeze and I have morphed into one. But controlling the weather or the currents have never been within your grasp, yes you feel the breeze when your palms are open but once you tighten your fist that breeze is lost forever. When we love we must be prepared to let go, it is the nature of things.

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