Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Reckless Heart

I love as easily as a child. It´s just love after all. No harm, no foul. We only learn to love by loving. Even when you hurt me. I love you relentlessly. That´s just me.That´s how I love. There can be nor fire that can keep me. My love knows no chains. And I will let my reckless heart love this way. For I know love knows no ends. It´s the very means by which we exist.

Where there is pure potentiality that´s where my heart will be. It will love regardless of who or what and will keep doing so, even if I want it to stop. My heart will probably go on loving beyond eternity. And I will let it love who it loves, even if it´s not returned to sender, or my message get lost in the mail, or it takes 20 years to find it or I never do. It´s going to love on wards in between the shadows where the corners of my soul meets yours.Where loves knows not of wrong or right, where labels or jurisdictions have no place, where possibility of your existence has left behind traces and scents in my left frontal lobe.

It will love you before you come into my life, as if the angels have left me subtle hints of who you are, and  I followed their guidance and it lead me directly to you. I will love you in techni-colour, when the clouds are blue or grey, I will love you when you no longer love me, or never did. But don´t think that because I´m a loving person means I will sacrifice everything I stand for. Part of loving means picking your battles, there is nothing wrong with choosing to be myself  over another. Another who loves you would not want to taint who you are.So maybe don´t bite more than you will be willing to give. I´m not down for revenge. When I notice my heart is being compromised, I won´t get even, I will leave you . Because you dared give me reason, so I left without a care.

Another time, another place, I´ll love you in the quiet and deep oceans of my soul but I won´t sacrifice my heart in the process. When I leave I my heart will go on loving you, without reason or care. I won't fight it, I learnt a long time ago that there was no use in trying to. My reckless heart will love you straightforwardly, no arrogance or intricacies involved. It will reach out beyond the surface, see you as you are, all mis-placed, mis-shapen, and love you, it will acknowledged you, reach out and touch you.

When I look outside I see beauty every where, I look within  and I see the same beauty. When I am graced with presence of anything outside of me, I begin to count the reason why it is beautiful. The more reasons I find, the more reason I have to love. I love like a kid high on coke and candy, drunk with the fantasy that only love can save us all. Because it can!

Heart Follower

If we´re honest here

To be honest I don´t write for recognition, I write because it´s the only way I know how to express the inner workings of my mind. Sometimes my words may get tangled up and knotted but I do have good intentions, I don´t intent to inflict harm, just to be true to the best that is in me. Please don´t think of me as anything more than a good Samaritan or a friend, giving of the best that  I know. See I don´t want you to look up to gurus and take their words for it. I want you to think for yourself, to questions everything, including everything that I say or write. Because you have that right! The power has always been in you to raise up and shout!

I want the best for everyone, I want to be able to look around one day and say that world is far better place then when I first arrived. I want to be free and to be myself apologetically and to make everyone has those same freedoms if they so desire it. If we´re honest here, I just want to live simply, I don´t want too much fuss, I don´t even want too many people. I will only consider new people if  I am drawn to them, they activate my good side and they are sweeter than my solitude. Anything less is out of the question. It´s not being mean or anti-social. There comes a point in your life where you get tired of forced interactions and superficial things and when you move beyond those things, only the deep and meaningful things will ever satisfy. So don´t take it personal! It´s just life!

I´m simply learning the art of allowing, establishing trust and confidence in myself. In seeking such I realise that all is impermanent and unstable. And so whatever comes, let it come, what stays let it stay, what goes let go. But I will cling to nothing in this world. Don´t be defined by your past or the things you used to do. Sometimes the only reward for all your hard work is not what you get for it but what you become for it. Be you.... be free and share what´s on your heart because you never know who it could help.

Heart Follower

Monday, 9 June 2014

More trees, less imbeciles

Maybe the bible isn't perfect. But that speaks more of our own human faults than anything. God speaks through the irrational wisdom of goodness,  he speaks through our intuition, in silences, I'm pretty sure that didn't get lost in translation.What's the gist to this piece you ask? Let me ask you something. Have you ever known someone so in touch with their intuition, and I mean the God given kind that they choose war over peace, or divisions and distractions over togetherness or perhaps hate over love? 

I believe that the more fervently we stand in faith, the less the material world seems to matter, we become ''heaven-minded''. I also believe that we become more authentic, humble, joyful  and kindness just over flows among other things. We no longer have to strive too hard, because once we are aligned with God, we see only the good in this world, the old ways simply fade away and we become renewed in him.

Sometimes in life people will try to let you know who you are. Take careful notes, sometimes their descriptions of you just don't add up and are simply their own projections of their life onto yours. Don't buy that life of  yours they claim  is  yours. People are desperately trying to label everything, to place people and things into categories. They will blindly make assumptions and associations about you with very little evidence. But that's on them, it's not something you need be concerned with.The minute we start thinking we know what should and should not be, or what we should or should not be experiencing, we are judging. Judgement prohibits true understanding. Surrender to his divine will, because it is written and so it shall be, all else is secondary.

Loving who you are no what where you are, or have been is the bravest thing you can do and  no  human being is required but you for that. Don't be overly concerned with making the right decisions, you will not be punished, tormented or persecuted for your choices, in reality there is no wrong or right you can do because you will always be saved by God's love for you. So accept each moment as they arise as if it's the perfect grounds for growth, trust that the very moment you are in now, is where all the magic lies. You have earned the right to be here now, and you deserve it all. Old experiences and memories that we hold on to in anger, resentment, shame, or guilt cloud our spirit and intuition. The truth is, everything that has happened had to happen. It was a growth experience. There was something you needed to know or learn. If you stay angry, hurt, afraid, ashamed, or guilty, you miss the lesson. You will be stuck in a cloud of pain.

Preach what you practice, is my very own little mantra. I find so often we ( myself included sometimes, although I usually keep myself in check these days) talk about a life or make suggestions to people, and yea we may have done the research to back it up but we don't follow this same practice in our everyday lives. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the mundane that we forget how little we really know. The human senses can only pick up a tiny fraction of the information available, yet we continue to perpetuate the idea that what lays before is all there is. How is that?  The more we think we know, and the more sure we are that we have it all figured out , the less we really know. I'd be weary of anyone who says they  have it all figured out. Who really does? Anyways I guess what I'm saying is that instead of judging, look with the eyes of love, hone in on that frequency of love, let it resonate deep within you, embrace it as a part of your being and touch the world with your spark of magic. Know that you don't know everything, in fact your knowledge is a  fairly skewed point of view but that doesn't hinder your divine perfection. As you realise your inner imbecile, and you learn to lay your roots in proper soil, prosperity will unfold. 

Heart Follower