Sunday, 16 March 2014


I´m not quite sure if manipulation is something many people resonate with, but this is something that has been quite prevalent in my stratosphere lately. I have grown to remember that manipulation and control is not being driven by a loving force but by fear. I have chosen to stick to what holds true for my soul and release the need to control absolutely everything in my life. 

While I don´t necessarily believe that people are inherently bad, I do  believe that in some ways people who try to manipulate you, are wounded. They have been traumatised by some life event or perhaps the one that seems more relevant to  my own experience is that before one could even walk, or talk or even do anything for themselves they were given some unrealistic, biased and unconditional reward system by virtue of their existence. This is not the same as praising a child for the good attributes and continuing to encourage them even when they don´t. It´s about giving them more power and control than they can presently handle. I´m not even saying that life is about learning lessons like we do in school, life is about remembering all that we already are. I am not one who believes that things ought to given to you simply by virtue of being male or female, or even by virtue of race, class, ethnicity or any other label that perceivably divides us. What I am saying is that the state of this planet is as a result of our collective consciousness. Why do we want such suffering for ourselves? Why did we choose to forget our origins?

Perhaps the answers lie deep within us. What would happen if there was nothing to be done? What if there was nothing to fix? Why have we chosen to experience ourselves as the light that we are when we could just be the light? Sometimes the light cannot know who it is, what it does and how it feels about itself until it has become it´s total opposite and experienced itself from another perspective. Maybe we are here for the experience of experience? Maybe the truth lies in the simplicity, clarity and lovingness of the message. There are so many truths out there but when we let our souls, our inner voice guide us we we choose the path of love instead of fear.When you truly remember who you are, you will undoubtedly relinquish the need for approval, the need to always be right, the need for you to to be in control. When you finally accomplish this, not through force though, allowing  yourself to be created as you desire it, only  then will you see the  truth that needs to be.

Heart Follower

*I would like to extend photo credits to Kheva August from EVolve *