Monday, 10 February 2014

Tree huggers hunger!

Yea, I am a self-proclaimed tree hugger. Whenever I see one I must hug it! It might be the inner hippie in me but I just love nature, it's so liberating. I hunger, hunger for connection with nature, and no it's not weird, connecting with nature makes me feel closer to God. I feel like I'm at home. But you know what else us tree huggers hunger for?-TRUTH!  We value that pure, deep intimate connection with people, we just strongly dislike any false pretenses of all sorts. Nothing wrong with that, I mean who really enjoys false pretenses, or shallow connections or just kinda in, kinda out, maybe kind of people? I love straight forwardness, while at times I may not have always been that way myself but it takes a lot of guts to say what you mean and mean what you say. Know what I mean? A lot of people are afraid to expose their true intentions for fear that they might get hurt. Truth is a life spent hiding in your own skin, being ashamed of who you are, and your true life's purpose is a far deeper pain than any pain someone could inflict upon you.  So what are you hungry for? What sets your soul on fire? Who are you really? Because the longer you take to figure this out, the longer you suffer. You will know when you discover who you really are and your truth, because when you uncover your true potential there is not a fiber of your being that will let your true passions go unexpressed. What are you hungry for?

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