Friday, 24 January 2014

What acceptance is ...

Acceptance does not mean that you have resigned yourself to live the rest of your life with a particular person, or in a particular situation. It just means that you won’t cause yourself emotional discomfort because of the way things are in this moment. Acceptance means the acknowledgement of the way things are at any given moment without judgement. When can get to the point where we no longer question yourself. Let me explain. We all have this inner chatter that tells us we should do this or shouldn't do that. Acceptance means surrendering to what is ! It means you notice your feelings for why you don't feel like working out, eating right, doing that proposal. You ask yourself,''What is the deeper truth?'' The paradox of life is that without accepting our flaws and the way things truly are we can never rise above them.

Instead of judging ourselves, we embrace the full human experience which means flaws and all, all the feelings, all the emotions , all our longs, desires and experiences as they arise in the moment. When we let go of our own images of how things ought to play, we make room for the magic to happen.When we gain an understanding of how and why we operate the way we do.When we begin to have more compassion towards ourselves, understanding and working with the flow of life instead of against it , we begin to flourish. When we observe ourselves without judgement that is when we create the necessary space needed to transform. Relaxing and getting comfortable with ones deepest inner truth is what allows us to embrace every side of ourselves. When you open up you feel that warm tingly feeling in your stomach and you begin to make strides. Not just any strides, strides unlike any other that have been taken before now. Because you are not the same you, you no longer act from a restricted self you have now expanded your awareness. You are truly transformed! That's what acceptance is!

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