Saturday, 22 February 2014

Truth is...

''Innocence is the ability to give and receive love without holding on.''-Deepak Chopra

Truth is... I'm ok. I am ok with it all, I'm ok with letting it all hang loose, letting it all rip at the seams, I'm ok with other people's quick judgements, I'm ok with carrying this burden and most of all I am ok with feeling this unbelievable lightness that comes with every unconventional decision I make. I have heard so many people disapprove of my decisions, others that  tell me to shut up and get real with myself but I'm ok with even that too.

See I know me, I have grown so used to myself and so in tune with what I really desire and want that I am unwilling to give my power away to something so frail and flimsy. Sure, I have made mistakes, plenty even and I will continue to make them. But just like every true yogi knows that yoga is not about being more loose or flexible or about showing off, it's about what you learn on your way into the pose, it's about acknowledging the sensations that arise and breathing into the uncomfortable sensations of the moment. It's about getting comfortable in the uncomfortable. True yogis know that yoga is about acceptance of self. It's about surrendering to what is and releasing what was. That's basically what life is about too! Yoga is not a religion its a philosophy for life.

Truth is I am just so gorgeously flawed, outlandishly actually, I share my hopes, struggles and dreams in the hopes that it saves you time and energy. I really do  hope it helps. I don't do anything perfectly, I am hopelessly flawed and loving it, I genuinely care and wish I could make a difference by simply laying it all out there. As I grow up I have come to realise that some people are starting to become strangers, even those you still hang out with occasionally. Do you honestly concur that by judging me, your little indiscretions go under the radar? That the whole world is fooled by what you ''perceivably '' are  doing  right ? My scars are signs that I am healed, can you say the same? I used to think that real recognises real, that if I was genuine everyone would show up genuine too. Boy, was I wrong! Some people have grown into strangers lately, I'm not talking about people that constantly check up or even occasionally check up because for some people there is no time and space that could ever separate our love. But the efforts that seem forced, seem like such a fragile, shallow existence of a friendship that only exists if we continue to be seen together and perpetuate the idea that what once was still persists. Even if our interactions never venture past the exterior of your vastly uncharted soul. Now I mean exploring another's soul through deep intellectual conversations. It seems kind of disingenuous if we continue to run just on the mundane small talk everyday all the time and for me personally I tend to swerve around those kind of relations. 

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