Saturday, 7 December 2013

Bend before it breaks

You know that feeling, that intuitive knowing that something great is brewing, that all this time spent in agony over decisions some of which were beyond your control are finally tipping in your favour. That your wounds are healing well and though certain things are falling apart they are falling apart so that you can fall and be reassembled as you were meant to be. That deep contentment for life that suddenly overwhelms you and you cannot help but want to dance and scream. It's weird that things are completely  falling apart and yet you feel  absolutely happy about it like finally a break though.

Sometimes we must fall apart, break what once was to allow us to move into greater and more suiting things. Sometimes the old patterns which evidently have faults and breaks in the system will collapse on their own to allow a new and better way of being to reign. Allow this to happen! Don't fret over what other people might think because of where you are in life, fact is most people don't think all that much. Don't let your thoughts about how someone might think of what you are doing deter you from doing what makes you happy. Let your awesomeness flow-just let it flow uninhibited. Once you are happy with where you are at and where you are heading the opinions of others means nothing to you. FOCUS on what ever it is you wish to attract. Allow yourself to be happy. Don't you dare ask yourself what someone else might think if you did something its your life. You choose how you live it. Make no apologies for being you.

Sometimes we might become  fearful or uneasy and resentful when things end and I used to too, but lately everything that has come to an end excites me. I get enthusiastic about the new things that will manifest in my life and how much I will grow. I do feel a bit sad when people must leave but I realise their presence in my story has ended but not necessarily their impact. Sometimes it is possible to love people from afar and have their presence in your heart inspire and motivate you into becoming all that you were meant to be. Sometimes, well that is all we need. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. I noticed every time I failed to be more like someone  I admired, I become a little more like me-the authentic me. That I find beautiful! Every new layer and dimension to me excites me and I just have to share my findings, hope you can appreciate it.

When things start to break, begin to lean into a new way of thinking, change  your mind set, bend into a new way of being. By all means move. Be proactive! Be a force to be reckoned with! Instead of talking the talk, walk the talk. LESS THINKING, MORE DOING! Cement your new way of being by  taking consistent, purposeful actions steps into the right path. By right path I mean the path of your choosing, don't be afraid to blaze new trails, you are a unique individual you don't deserve a path taken by mere common men. Let's move people!

Heart Follower

Monday, 2 December 2013

Love is blind?

"Love is not blind-It sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less." Will Moss
Love is the only thing that provides vision. The important things in life are invisible to the eye; it is only the heart  that can comprehend. Love  to me is an irreplaceable  experience. Love  provides  us with  a mirror. When  you look into  the eyes  of the one  you love  you find  everything  you longed  for, everything  you are, were  and desire  to be reflected  back to you. Because  of this  irrespective  of how  it ends,  love  is the perfect  avenue  for personal  growth. I think  that  is the  true  purpose  of love, to provide  each lover   with  clarity  of vision. Without  clarity  of vision  we are like  a headless  chicken crossing a busy highway.
When we think of love or true love in our minds we start to measure up what that ideal person would be like when that is not love. If you ever find it hard to see the good in your partner or another loved one it is simply because you are not seeing your true essence with your heart. When you judge your partner or loved one saying that he is not social enough, he is not good looking enough, not interesting enough, not outgoing enough, not sexy enough and what not we are essentially limiting yourself. The common word ''enough'' in these examples suggest that you are defining this person by a set belief system based on what you see with your eyes and not the heart. Love is felt by the heart no? Love cannot be quantified. Thus there is no right amount of love. Choose to see people with the eyes of your heart. LET DOWN THOSE WALLS! Let go of past hurts, failed relationships, just because you were hurt before does not mean it will happen this time around. LET THE LOVE IN!
Heart Follower