Sunday, 22 September 2013

14 Laws of life

Rule 1: What you focus on you attract! This is simply the law of attraction at work, you cannot focus on the negatives and expect good things to come your way! Raise your frequency and vibration by focusing on the good.

Rule 2: Relieve yourself of bad karma. Forgive! Do not let your heart be tormented by grudges or grievances. Relieve yourself of the guilt that you bear by not repeating those past mistakes over and over again in your head. Let go of the anger that comes with it as well -it does not serve you !

Rule 3: It is never too late to be what you might have been! A dream does not die until you do. So until your last breathe there is still a chance that your dream will succeed. So keep on chugging!

Rule 4:You must be able to name it before you can claim it! How can you look for something and expect to find it if you have no idea what you are looking for? To receive that which you so ardently desire you must state with clarity your dreams and goal and bridge the gap between them. Don't just expect it to be handed to you- Work for it!

Rule 5: We teach people how to treat us. When we respect ourselves and  demand from others that same respect we have taught them how to treat us. If you have found yourself in a relationship of any sort where you are being ill treated re-negotiate the rules of engagement. 

Rule 6: Suffering ends when we accept the part we played. Let's face it we will all encounter pain from time to time but your job is not to wallow in it. Your job is to use that pain as stepping stones to higher places. Your job is to acknowledge that you played a major role in your own demise and to promise to yourself to never let that happen again.

Rule 7:There is no reality only perception. We all have a filter - when I speak of a filter I mean our beliefs and negative thinking that has become entrenched in our thinking. This filter impacts the way we see things, the interpretations we give events, how we respond to certain  things and how we are responded to. We must constantly question our views this gives us a fresh perspective. Once you accept your perspective as  fact it is undeniably dangerous. Because you will not seek out new information or stimuli that undermines your current views. A little PERSPECTIVE brings us clarity of vision- Go get some!

Rule 8: Complaining is pointless. What good does this bring?  All we are doing is focusing on the negative and going down a downward spiral because the more you complain the harder it is to stop and the easier it is for you to focus on all the other negatives in your life. So quit it already!

Rule 9:Great ideas are just ideas until you pull the trigger and put them into action. Talk is cheap mehn! You must leave whatever doesn't serve you and chase the life you always dreamed of. Move into higher heights by taking  purposeful, meaningful and constructive action steps.

Rule 10: One cannot change unless you acknowledge what is holding you back. How can you change when you refuse to admit it? GET REAL! Be honest with yourself and others about your life. Quit with the excuses and start making grand results.

Rule 11:Habits maketh man! Think about it, every great person you have come to know has made excellence a habit. In everything they do they give their very best, even when the mood they created the goal has subsided they remain committed to the end result. Because they are passionate about their dreams they make daily strides to bring them one step closer to the life they dream of.

Rule 12: This too shall pass! Life is ever-changing, just look around you look  at the flora and fauna, the same things will not remain forever, some will die, some born, some evolve,  point is nothing remains the same! So what ever you experiencing WILL pass! Start the ball rolling by initiating some sorta change by making a purposeful decision daily.

 Rule 13: Listen to your guts! Calm your mind and allow whatever it is you are feeling at the moment to be expressed. Don't fight it! Now trust your gut  that is pulling you in a certain direction. Do not hesitate to redirect your path. Your heart and mind will soon be at ease.

Rule 14: Love and be grateful! Love is the driving force of the world. Whatever we do is in an effort to be acknowledged by someone and why because we want to feel loved. Why do we want that because love feels good. Give the love you wish to see in the world! The act of giving whole-heartedly what you wish to receive tells the universe that you are abundant in love and this makes more love come your way. Lest you forget be grateful for all that you have, the good and the bad because it made you who you are today. Which is exactly where God intended you to be!

Heart Follower