Sunday, 26 January 2014

To whom it may concern

This is my very personal  love letter to the universe so that  I can manifest  the man of my dreams.We ought  to get clear on our intentions if we wish to manifest our desires. Here's my list:

Qualities I look for in a man:
  • Generosity (mind, body, spirit )
I believe that love is a two way street, that requires a whole lot of give and take, which means compromise for each person. I believe that for a love to stand the test of time both parties must be generous with themselves in a certain respect. I don't condone either parties be generous with other people and share things that ought to be only shared between people only  in that relationship. But I do value people who are genuinely good, kind hearted and have good intentions, I believe in giving as in volunteering, helping someone who can't help himself, giving what you can when you can.
  • Authenticity (also lends itself to humility & vulnerability )  
I desire someone who is 100% themselves, not requiring input from anyone else to influence who they are. Someone who stands for something. I desire someone who is humble and open with sharing who they are, not someone who plays the victim and blames anyone else for their current situation. I need someone who is confident but not arrogant, someone who is secure in who they are.
  • Beautiful (mind, body &spirit )
I admire someone who sees beauty in the most unlikely of places, someone who is transparent, has integrity and believes that too be beautiful means to be who you really are. I believe that to be beautiful means to be true to you and use this authenticity to impact the lives of others. I want someone who takes care of himself and is self-loving to the point where he can harm no one.
  • Persistent , committed & dedicated 
I love to see someone who has been through a lot and still keeps going. I love someone who commits to the task at hand. I admire people who strive for better things. I love fiercely passionate people, but not workaholics, there is a fine balance that needs be established between work and play. I believe in leaving behind a legacy, expressing every last drop of authentic juices within you.
  • Values growing (Spontaneous and open- minded)
What I value most of all is allowing people to be who they really are, letting them unfold their own myth, people can change well in a sense, in relationships when we support people and encourage them we allow them to become who they really are deep down. I value growing, without growth relationships suffer. A man who values growing hits all my pleasure centres in all aspects of my being. Controlling people and forcing them to suit our own molds puts a damper on our humanity and it's just not loving, what you are essentially loving is your own image you have created in them and not what they really are.

This exactly what I want , admire , desire and value in people. I am ready to receive exactly what I described in my significant other, I will also accept a different flavour, or something better. Your call. Surprise me! Here's to sweet release!

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