Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Be the kind of person you want to meet

For a second I would like you to THINK about all the people you admire or are envious of, THINK about what aspect of them you wish you had.THINK about what it is you think you are lacking or perhaps notice where these people are in their lives and acknowledge it, praise their accomplishments because there is something about them that you wish you had.

Always remember that feelings of anger and resentment towards people arise when we fail to develop certain qualities that we initially admired about someone even later on when we despise them for those very qualities.

Now I want you to envision your ideal person, what qualities does this person have , what ideals and values do they have, what do they look like? This is something I would like you to do everyday.The more times you run this daydream in your head the more you become the person you so desire. But most importantly be the most authentic you!

The world is a mirror - we attract not what we want but what we are.We do not receive what we work for but what we believe we deserve.

Whenever we think about that which we so ardently desire,we must ask ourselves: who must I become to achieve and receive such a blessing?

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