Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Words are empty vessels

Before commencing battle, the warrior of the light opens his heart and asks God to inspire him.Paulo Coelho 

Words are vessels for power, you have the power to choose what meaning, value and focus you give someone´s words. When you choose to take nothing people say personal, you realise that everything people say are simply a proclamation of their current beliefs about themselves. You are the highest human authority in your life, I say human because I believe in God is spirit and so does not abide by the same human restraints.

I used to be bounded by fear, I´m only now learning to let go and let God, and part of that meant for me expressing my talents, well at least one of them. I wasn´t actually going to be able to make it at first but I really wanted to and somehow things got cancelled and a path was laid right before me. I knew what regret was like, from not taking the chance when it was presented before, so I had to jump on it quick. There are times you realise that there is no turning back, it´s now or never. There so many things that came up that could have  phased me. Like a few people saying something that might have caused me to break down and cry, or my sore throat, or me learning the song the morning of the day, or me getting my period right before my performance or having learnt that  another group would  sing the same song. But all those things ran like sweat off my chest, I felt loved and inspired and there was no returning to a life of fear. My destiny, like others alike was far to great to be diminished by trivial things.

That day, I was was experiencing the power of allowing. All sorts of things had been going on in my stratosphere and I had chosen to view each as an opportunity. I saw the present situation, in all it´s magnificence and I accepted it as if it was designed specifically for me. Working with the flow of things, and not against it can miraculously transform your world. I was assured in the  power I had been given  because I knew I had nothing to prove to others. I simply needed to allow myself to be myself, then love, authenticity and all that rad awesomeness can emerge as God had intended it to.

Heart Follower

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