Sunday, 27 October 2013

I think we outta do some stretching

I have been thinking a lot lately, which is usual for me but I have been thinking about the idea of stretching and no I am not talking about the literal physical stretching. I am referring to the act of stretching ourselves beyond our limits.As a self-help blogger and positivity enthusiast I can't help but notice that much of what I blog about I personally can relate to. Honestly sometimes I feel like a fraud, an impostor even, dishing out advice of some of the very things I have gone through or experiencing presently. It makes me feel like gosh mehn I got some more work to do on myself. In many ways, my efforts to share my brain with you have honestly been rather therapeutic for me. So I am very grateful for that. And  for all of you who actually take the time out of your busy day to read my posts it really keeps me going.The idea of stretching ourselves....hmmmmmm

There comes a time in our lives, hopefully that is, that we must confront ourselves...head on. Stare ourselves down and confront the truth of our existence, where we are at, where we are heading and we ought to be. We must be radically honest with ourselves at this point, we can't make this shit up otherwise we are doomed to live a life meandering in mediocrity.Being radically honest with ourselves means we must become aware of the present moment, not using people, events or our addictions as an escape. It means that instead of focusing on other people we get re-acquainted with ourselves because how  can you live YOUR life when your focus is on everyone else. No one has ever become legendary by being a part of the crowd, it doesn't take any guts to join the bad-waggon of a conformist society and be subject to their every fleeting whim and fancy, it does however take huge cojones to stand alone and be true to who you are and what you believe in. I am not however, saying there is anything wrong with having friends or being a part of something its just that you have to know your circle, because in all honesty not everyone is rooting for you. You got to know who is for you and who is not and its in your darkest hours that the true loyal friends will be revealed to you. It's way better to have a few loyal and trust-worthy friends than a mass of friends who you are unsure where there loyalty lies. This is important because who you choose to be in your circle shapes you. Pick your 5 most contacted friends, basically you are the  just like all of them . Could you be proud knowing that you were just like them? How far would you get in life  if you were them? Could you really live that way? If your answer is no then you have to change your circle of friends. This may be radical for you and you may think I can be great with or without them but the truth is you will only go as far as the people you choose to hang around . You have got be radical if you want the life you always dreamt of. It's ok to lose some friends - only the friends that are not right for you will become bitter and resentful when you leave but  for the true friendships time and space knows no boundaries.

Point is we all got to do some stretching to get where we want to go. That place where you feel oh so uncomfortable is where the magic happens, it's where your evolution awaits you. It's that place where you constantly learn and grow .....way too many of us bunker down and settle for the way things are ... we are too accepting of the hands we are dealt. It is absolutely possible to stretch far beyond the limits we previously thought we had. If your life is stretching, even breaking in some places, consider recreation...of yourself, your behaviour, your potential... it may be time to grow into the space the broken places are making...

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