Sunday, 21 July 2013

Let me straddle your mind.........

I know this is a blog primarily about positivity but lest you forget that there are negatives with whatever you may come into contact with. Don't get me wrong positivity is great but don't even let that fool you. We all need some heavy doses of realism and idealism from time to time to shift us back into perspective. In the hopes that we make real, measurable, achievable and concrete goals instead of whimsical ones. Now many of you may begin to think that it is the dreamers will inherit the earth but I am here to tell you that not all of them will. Only those who make positive action steps will.

So you think that you can get away with this? Living a life of mediocrity, being  brushed to the sidelines as nothing more than a mere common man.Dull! Having not taken any calculated risks, living so safely you might as well not lived at all.Calling the state of utopia your permanent residence? No! I dare you to be unlike any other that has gone before you.To stand up tall for what you believe in and never bow to any of these so called masters.I dare you to live fearlessly.To be independent thinkers and doers and by all means do it all passionately.Never allow yourself the hull of a guaranteed existence as apposed to a the ride of a lifetime.

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