Monday, 13 January 2014

True Happiness vs Fake Happiness

We live in this world of instant gratification, where we think that the pursuit of pleasure is the way to happiness. Now is that right? How can a fleeting sensation provide one with lasting happiness, eventually to keep the ''happiness'' flowing you will have to continuously press that same button over and over with more intensity each time because you crave that ''something more'', which causes addiction. ''Fake happiness'' is impulse driven, it is of the body or ego so to say. It does not occur in moderation, because our souls crave meaning and fulfilment, it is often characterised by a lack of judgement, lack of moderation and a lack of concern for  the consequences after the fact.

A pleasure seeking life  provides only a fleeting sensation of happiness. Which means you will constantly have to seek ''your pleasure''. A pleasure focused life prioritises money, fame, status, beauty, the shiny jewellery, the awesome clothes, cars  and lust. Where as true happiness focuses on being healthy, self-connected love and getting to know each  person underneath it all. The soul suffers when you force it to live superficially . The soul craves the beautifully complex ,simple and yet deep experiences in life.Generally speaking, happy people are the vulnerable ones and the grateful ones because well, you cannot connect to people without being vulnerable and without gratitude the door way to abundance is closed. In turn, expressing how you really feel in kind words not only releases your troubles but when you communicate your truth you give others the space to do the same. Even if the other person does not return the favour, you were true to you and that's all that really matters. Not everyone can handle honesty.
True and lasting happiness is growth driven and so there will be a delay in the timing it takes to feel that happiness but once you do it is eternal. True happiness is about the soul and the recognition that it needs people, situations and adversity to grow into your highest calling. Maybe your times are challenging because of your high calling. Dig deeper and raise above it! To be truly happy you have got to do things that inspire you, grow and heal your soul. Love and embrace the flow of life. Set your soul on fire!
Heart Follower