Sunday, 19 January 2014

You are not alone

I remember the first time I had that'' you are not alone'' feeling. I stared deep into their eyes and  I felt a sense of familiarity and belongingness  spring forth . It sent shivers throughout my entire body. As we grow up we tend to believe that our brokenness is wrong, that it is unwelcome here. When the truth is our brokenness sets us free. Just like a phoenix rising from the ashes. What ever is breaking you today is paving the way for the new improved you to come into existence.

Embrace your story, your not so perfect is absolutely perfect in the eyes of the divine . The thing is we get so wrapped up comparing ourselves to others and that in itself is an act of hatred of self ,we forget that we too are valued and loved . We sometimes forget that while  the  path is working for you and it's probably the right way for you that you need not have reason to prove it to another. You ought to trust it . A warrior who trusts his path sees no need to prove the other wrong . When you live your truest truth the opinions of others do not matter nor do you concern yourself with forcing  people to do it your way or to see it the way you see it. When you begin to pester people about doing things your way you are not living your truest truth. If that is the case for you get back to the drawing board and start again . When you live your truth, you do not ask people to follow you, people will be drawn to you. That's the subtle difference that makes all the difference . Living your truth draws people to you ! Now this may not happen instantly but for those who live their truest truth being who they are is enough and they trust that in time people might come around but that is not the ultimate objective . Ultimately its about sharing your story, owning your scars, loving all of you and having the courage to  be who you really are.

I am here to let you know that what ever you are going through, someone has gone through it , hell probably I have gone through it too. We need to remind ourselves throughout our struggle that although our paths may be different, there will be threads of commonality among them. When we embrace that  fact we can come to better terms with ourselves and our view of the world. Many times when we are struggling we think we are alone in this, we feel ashamed, guilty or just down right burdened. When in fact  that is not the case. Sharing your story sets you free, it allows for the healing to begin. Now mind you I am not saying that you should ever use your story as your permanent voice over but use it to your advantage. When we play our broken story on repeat we play the victim and not the victor. Who do you want to be? So many times we get caught up in the wrongs that someone else did to us we forget that each person no matter how difficult has something to teach us. So what are you being taught today? How can you raise above it? Who can you confide in that will help you overcome this?

Heart Follower

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