Friday, 3 January 2014

What if we loved ourselves more...

What if we loved ourselves more, I think that would solve everything. A man who loves himself cannot permit the ill treatment of another being. What if the only resolution we made was to love ourselves more. Many of you might be thinking, oh well that's selfish and narcissistic but it isn't. Narcissism and selfishness come form insecurity, a lack of true self love. Anyone who hasn't mastered the art of loving themselves cannot truly love another. When we truly love ourselves, the love we have for ourselves spills over and touches everything we come into contact with and transforms it. When we love ourselves we respect ourselves enough to care for our body, mind and soul. When we do so we exude an abundance of energy which cannot be denied. When we spend time caring for ourselves, we do not use up all our energies but end up having plenty of energy to care for others. When we focus our energies on the positives, healthy eating, exercise and refusing to speak, think or breathe negatively this signifies that we are self-loving. Self-loving people have ample energy to handle whatever comes their way and do not feel drained when someone else refuses the favour. Because no matter how someone else treats you it shouldn't affect the way you treat them. The way you treat others says a lot about how you feel about yourself. A person who loves, values and respects himself sets the standard for others to treat him the same and also ensures that standard is reciprocated for others as well.
Being loving doesn't mean being a pushover. Do no harm but take no man's shit! Being loving means having boundaries after all there are all kinds of flavours of love. There is the kind love, patient love, compassionate love, bold love, firm love, brave love, angry love and the silent love. Each moment calls for a different kind of love. Love does have boundaries you cannot love without some standards or rules of engagement. What I mean to say is that being loving doesn't mean your a pushover nor should you be a jerk it's about finding that happy middle ground. You cannot give to another what you do not possess yourself.  Being loving takes strength, in means to break down those walls, being easy to forgive and forget, to be compassionate, to be vulnerable, to be a force to be reckoned with. Being loving means that you  are compassionate towards others as well as having standards for yourself. Not only would you fulfil your life's purpose when you are self-loving but you would connect to people in a way that is impossible without self-love. Self-love is necessary but what does self-love mean to you? Can you honestly say you treat yourself with kindness? Do you know what it means to treat yourself with kindness? Would you be satisfied with the same treatment if you were someone else?
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