Sunday, 30 March 2014


I have been thinking. Perspective is everything! Sometimes we may think that we are being negative but there is nothing more releasing than speaking the truth. It's how you phrased it though, if you make your thoughts about the situation permanent and fixed then that situation will remain as is. If however, you consistently look at the situation from a different perspective, you give yourself an opportunity to change yourself and as you do so your circumstances change and new opportunities arise. I believe in stating the truth,  however gruesome it may sound to some but I do believe in telling only those who will get it. 

Before I didn't open up that much but I find it to be very liberating. What I don't condone is to hang that ''victim'' badge like a stain on your heart. I believe that there is no shame in stating your state of affairs exactly as they are but too often we are afraid of who hears them so we don't. Whenever you feel too afraid to air your truth it's simply because the ears you have chosen to hear your truth are not prepared to hear it or because you don't feel completely comfortable with them or with your own truths. I don't tell my truth to many if any but what I do know is that real friendships require that you tell the truth, that you walk your talk and that you  genuinely care. I believe that quality is far better than quality that is why I chose to pick my Friends who resonate with me on a deeper level. What I mean by this is that we must have common goals, I find it to be best like this because this way we can really help each other out moving up the ladder. If you have people on your team that don't have similar core values that will cause a lot of disharmony and eventually you will fall out. 

The concept of negativity is haunting, we have become so consumed by the idea of positive thinking to get what we want that we feel we must completely disregard the thing we label ''negativity''. What if I told you that without judgements there is no such thing as bad or good. What if I told you that whatever you ignore or resist will continue. You must go through it to transcend it!

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