Thursday, 10 October 2013

Winning formula for success

I will not be lazy. I will not  be like everyone else in society. I will not accept what I have now if I know I deserve better. I will not sleep until I finish . I will not leave until I'm done. I will not stop until I stop breathing. I will be whatever I want to be even if it takes sacrifice. Even if I have little to give.Even if it takes time.Even if I have no time at all. I will succeed.

I will commit my life, my every breath to the fulfilment of my dreams.

The stairway to success requires that you build it ,it is under construction ,no  one will regret it like you will if your path to greatness is not paved.So why are you still on your butt? Get moving!If you want success bad enough you will have to put in the hours ,you will have to dedicate your time and energy to the fulfilment of your goals.You will have to be persistent.You will have to push through the pain because the pain will come -it is inevitable!

So you have weakness,who doesn't ? Annihilate them ,focus on what you can do with all your energy. Remember if you want success you must be willing to give up the notion of pleasure and gratification now for abundance later.You must be willing to put in the extra hours to work on your weak areas to make them strong.You must give up those lame *** excuses you have, get over yourself and ask for help where you need it. 

You must do whatever it takes to be the best! You must remain determined to your goals even when your emotions tell you otherwise.

Greatness! Who will answer its call? Who will dare to venture into the realm of awesomness and unlimited opportunities? Who dares to be legendary?

 Let's commit ourselves,our journey and every fibre of our being into being great. May greatness be with you always.Namaste!

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