Thursday, 10 October 2013

Waiting for words

I was waiting for words, words to fill the bereavement you left. Waiting on the something more to be brought to me but that subtle disillusionment of my fantasies failed to fulfil its expectations.
Speaking of expectations I thought it was your civil duty to be my savour and protector but you'd coincide with nothingness at even the slightest emotional trigger. I was waiting for words to fill me up where you left because that's all I was a vacant, frail, shell of a human. Because that's the only way you knew. That is what you were taught.
 Perhaps we are all screwed up in some way, different shades of crazy, falling victim to the behaviours, attitudes and decisions of those who raised us. Until we can get the courage to break free, think for ourselves and to re-paint the course of our destiny our lives will forever live in constant stagnation.

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