Friday, 11 October 2013

Great opportunities will waste away

Great opportunities will waste away if you don't act on them immediately and persistently. In almost every aspect of my life I have experienced that. I find I tend to delay my satisfaction for some odd reason. As if I don't deserve it! Or who am I to think that I could get something as great as this. I don't know if this happens to many people, but if it does come on over to unicorn island and drink the cocktail of courage so that we can finally get what we really want.

It is absolutely absurd to think that things will happen if there were meant to .....
 I can't believe I am still stuck in this mind-set. I mean sure some things are definitely out of our hands. But you have to work  for everything you want in life. No excuses and no lies!

My advice is simple if you love something don't you dare let it go for a second, it is yours keep it safe with you. Because that little bird might just fly sky high away from you. And no I mean to lock it away and throw away the key. Nurture it, let it roam in your magnificent garden, show it with love and attention. But don't you let that bird get out of your sight because the minute you do is the minute someone else will swipe it away and take away your pride and joy. When that day comes when someone else has your beloved bird you must decide whether you want to continue to pursue it or find a new love. If you want to continue to pursue it you better hope that your actions portrayed the love and affection that you held in your heart for you beloved bird.

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