Friday, 11 October 2013

We are all addicted to something

We are all addicted to something that takes away the pain. As humans we are not immune to suffering....We all suffer. Pain is inevitable. Now when I speak of suffering  I am referring to the Buddhist definition of suffering and yes I am  a CHRISTIAN but I feel that knowing the principles of another religion doesn't cause me any harm, there is always room for doubt it strengthens my faith in God.

Their definition of suffering is basically that suffering is a way of life this includes our daily suffering such as minor illnesses, sadness, unpleasant things and grief.  It is also caused by cravings, wanting and desireousness.It also notes that the only way out of suffering is to live mindfully aware of the present moment and to follow said path.This path promotes right views, speech, action, livelihood, perseverance, mindfulness and meditation.

When we try to hide, to take away the pain, to lesson the hurt with all sorts of things for some it may be addictions to drugs, certain unhealthy habits, psychological dispositions etc. What we fail to understand is that this  simply masks the real issues at hand, we must get real with ourselves, we must bring to our awareness our true issues - don't be afraid to! Because when we are aware of our issues that is when we can allow the healing to happen- with love of course! Nothing can heal like love can.

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