Saturday, 21 December 2013

What spirituality means to me

Spirituality is a very personal experience. For me it is the belief in a power greater than I, a sense of inter connected- ness, awareness of your purpose, the meaning of life and the continual development of the authentic self. Transcending into the person you were meant to be. Let's make one thing clear I absolutely love God but I prefer not to engage in religion. I honestly prefer to  trust my own experience of God's love as apposed to settling for someone else's idea of God's love. One of the reason I decided to be more focused on spirituality as apposed to religion is because I see so much hyprocracy around me and double standards when it comes to gender as well as  realising that love doesn't last because way to many people don't even know how to love themselves let alone express that love to another. The thing about love is no one can complete you, you must be so full of love and life that it is spilling over and it transforms everyone you come into contact with. The  person you truly fall in love with is not the one that ''completes you'' but the one who ''complements you''.  When I say truly fall in love I mean that anything but someone truly complementing you is but a mere illusion of love and not love itself. This other part is important someone who complements you will recognise the need for your continual growth. I think its stupid to think that people get divorced over someone changing. (Not that I am saying it's not ok to get divorced I am totally down for it if one or both parties are hindering each others spiritual energies.) People's personalities are not constant, people have the capacity to change at any point in time. I honestly hope that I will not be exactly as I am today. Yes I absolutely adore me but to me even the slightest thought that I will remain where I am makes me cringe. Who in there right mind would settle for stagnation. I believe that life is constantly evolving but we as humans are so stuck in the mind set that pain is bad and that we should avoid it at all costs. Let me tell you it cannot be stressed enough that embracing pain is the best way to fulfil your fullest potential on this Earth. Resisting change is the quickest and stupidest reason  to suffer ! How can you say you love someone yet you do not invest in them to be better than they are now? If you do not help them grow you are helping them suffer and what kind of a human being does that? You cannot choose who you love but you can choose who you want to continue to love. Love is the one this that does not cause suffering. Any love that does is a mere illusion of love. The purpose of love I think is to fulfil our highest calling , our spiritual enlightenment. Any love that doesn't inspire , challenge you and more importantly promote your continual growth is not love. This person has not learnt to love himself truly yet.  A man who really loves himself cannot permit the suffering of another. You do not destroy who you love .Examine yourself honestly and realise that the emptiness within you cannot be filled with another person. Heal yourself before you wreck another person.
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