Wednesday, 18 December 2013


If they respect you, respect them.  
If they disrespect you, respect them.
Do not allow the actions of others to change your attitude.
You represent you and your ideals, it has nothing to do with them.
If you respect you, that respect will flow constantly and consistently onto others.
May respect follow you.

I have thought a lot about this. Someone's respect for you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with how much they value themselves. Someone who values themselves values the time they have and so will not waste it on people who do not recognise their unshakable and un-bounding worthiness. I have come to believe that it does not matter if someone else respects you, all that truly matters is whether or not you respect you. See if you can see just how amazing you really are you would act in ways that signify this respect you have for yourself. People will gravitate towards you and be amazed by the standards you have set up for yourself. But this does not mean that everyone will respect you. And you know what it really does not matter! Because if you respect you someone else's disrespect for you is unmistakeably  inconsequential.
Sometimes no matter how much you change your ways and respect yourself more, you cannot force people to respect you. In time they may but you must allow people to come to terms with this new you in their own time. Remember that everyone is battling their own battles don't take it personally when someone disrespects you.
Take what you need, take what you can and forgive the rest!
Sometimes it is in our best interest to not hold on to these people too tightly, don't  internalise and over-analyse what they say . Draw a line in the sand and state your boundaries. It's ok to have your own rules and regulations for playing. Don't ever be ashamed of having boundaries. Use what you can from what they are giving you, give your utmost best but do not feel like you are giving more than them . Because from their perspective that is the most they can possibly give. It's your choice whether to accept it or not. Always remember that no one can satisfy all your needs so don't be to harsh. Forgive them and move on if you must.
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