Sunday, 15 December 2013

The spiritual journey is hard

The spiritual journey can be especially hard when your companions are few. The road feels all the more lonely and even worse at times when it's like your not even on your side. When you first decide to make that first step you will think this will be absolutely amazing. Truthfully that is not the case! You will have plenty of massive leaps into the abyss. You will forget at times who you really are and will at on point or more than once want to give it up and just go back to the way things were. But you can't go back now. You have come thus far!

I know it's hard to drop the ego. To give the formed identity you have of yourself, to let go of attachment, to reprogramme your mind, drop hatred, anxiety, shyness, to conquer your fears as well as your limiting beliefs. To become the kind, compassionate, assertive, intuitive, intellectual, fearless, dedicated, forgiving person you so desire to become, you have got to let it go. The ego can be  so conniving and tricky that it can hide itself in subtle ways. But you were not meant to be this way. Yes you are spirit but never forget that you are human too! So don't be afraid to feel what you feel as the feeling arises. There is nothing wrong with experiencing the bad, the ugly, the unforgivable, the heart-breaking, the numbing  pain of betrayal. Absolutely nothing wrong with going through this. You gottta feel it to heal it! Many times people who experience the deepest pains also experience post-traumatic growth. Which simply means immense personal development after experiencing something traumatic.

In many ways pain is not meant to break you but to reveal your true strength and unshakable capacity to survive, adapt and thrive. It is meant to uncover a part of you that was hidden when the ego was in control. Once you check the ego at the door it makes it that much easier to delve deeper into your greatness! Every time life presents a new challenge, rise to the plate, and swing.

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