Wednesday, 18 December 2013

There is no right or wrong path

There is no RIGHT way to grow. On a spiritual journey it is common to want everyone to be on the same path as you. But you have to honor people's differences and allow them their given-born right to live as they so desire to. Be intrusive and loving, look beyond the form of people's beliefs to the essence. There is a right way for each individual but that right way is different for everyone. So trust that they do in fact know what they are doing and trust that God has a plan for them. Do not pressure people into living life your way. Sometimes the best way to show people the way is not to say anything at all just let your actions speak for itself. If you walk a path of authenticity there is no need to use a loud speaker to draw attention to it. Your actions will always speak louder than words. When you show up authentic you make space for others to follow suit.
It is a fact that sometimes it pain, depression or some traumatic event for people to realise that they have ignored the spirit. But it takes the deeps of despair to reveal ourselves to ourselves. It takes this darkness to expose our true strength. Without the ups and downs in life we wouldn't be alive.
Sometimes when we look at someone, even given all the facts and draw conclusions on how someone else should have acted in certain situations we lose out. Even given all the facts on how they  experience what they are experiencing  is absolutely  not how you would experience what they are experiencing. Fact! Let's try to understand people instead of judging their actions. Every response to a situation someone makes is in line with their current awareness level. So don't judge. There was a time when even you were not as aware as you are now. So quit the judging! ONLY you have to love your own path. You don't have to love someone else's path just focus on your own and mind your own path.
''To judge someone by their weakest attribute is like judging the ocean by 'one' wave.''-Elvis Presley
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