Wednesday, 18 December 2013


True merit like a mirror, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes.- Edward F. Halifax

Do not be do quick to confuse timidity and humility. Time  and time  again people have  confused  the  two. Sure  there  will be times  when  the two over lap because no one  is one  thing  at every single waking moment. But generally speaking humility is thoroughly over looked . It's one of my favourite qualities in a person . It's so refreshing to find someone who is  larger than life ,successful and doesn't feel the need to draw attention to it. It's that one quality that draws me to my knees. Humility  also lends itself to authenticity because one can not be humble without being authentic. Very few people are actually authentic. They run around wearing masks. Honestly why do you do this? You do realise that the only way to be human is to be vulnerable thereby   connecting  better with people. The more meaningful connections you have, the more you and the ones you care about see just how awesome you are. Therefore the  more you will act in ways that signifies that you are a person of significance. Only the confident are humble.  There is no need to proclaim  your brilliance if it actually exists- ain't that right?

Don't confuse someone's loudness or boldness for confidence either. You can certainly tell when someone is truly confident the pace of their speech is not slow or too fast nor is it too loud or too soft, they have found the happy middle ground. They are avid at swerving the conversation from being the listener and being the responder. There is ample give and take in this convo. Watch out for this. A truly confident person does not shut people up. He allows for everyone to be heard because he is not conceited nor does he believe there is only  one way to do something.

Humility is that quality that exemplifies true leadership as well as a profound mastery of skills. Humility is not insecurity, quite the opposite it is the complete security of oneself that is unbounded in the opinions of others.

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