Sunday, 21 July 2013

You are already complete

You are love! Your soul mate doesn't complete you, you complete you because once you love yourself you are complete.Your soul mate is simply a reflection of the love you have given yourself.

Often we run to others to be our antidote,our saviour to make us complete but the thing is until we realise the love we have for ourselves we can never truly love another.When we love ourselves we understand  the fact that humans are not without fault and we are more accepting of this.Instead of having unrealistic demands of another person we make compromises and allow each other to fall into place as opposed to forcing it.

When someone else completes you they are your ONLY source of happiness and when this is the case whatever goes wrong in our lives we blame them for it and thus we become resentful towards them.A loving relationship should allow you to grow together and not apart.

Loving yourself attracts your ideal mate.One cannot love without unconditional acceptance.So radiate love now!

Heart Follower

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