Saturday, 27 July 2013

Beauty redefinition

We live in a media dominated society, some of our fondest memories involve watching TV which praise the ''ideal'' woman. You know her, she is tall, typically Caucasian , surgically enhanced, blemish free, flowing hair and very thin. Majority of us fail to fit those standards by far. But why? We are part of society and we can choose to eradicate the mold. Why have we allowed ourselves to be outside the box when we created it in the first place? Why do begrudge ourselves of such a wonderful gift. When we can accept, love and hone our unique beauty to better serve ourselves and our purpose. Be authentically true to you is beauty no matter what anyone else has to say about it. Own it now and live as you ought to!

Empowering things to note:
  • Beauty should not hurt.
  • You are capable of more than being eye candy.
  • Your reflection does not define your worth.
  • Your body is a vehicle from which your life's purpose is achieved.
  • Beauty does not fit in a box or a mold.
  • You own your own brand of beauty and you alone define it.

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