Thursday, 25 July 2013

Operation be-YOU-tiful!

I am going to touch on a topic very near to my heart-BEAUTY. In all honesty I have struggled tremendously to come to terms with it . To realise my own beauty both inside and out.But one thing I dare not do is to wait to be placed into a box of what appears to be the ideal beauty.Its my beauty and therefore I can make a box to fit all of me if I so choose to be placed in a box or perhaps a forest or a vast ocean shall suffice. Many of us women do not feel that we are beautiful. We scrutinise our flaws and turn them into heinous demons. We allow these flaws to take a life of its own and torment us.I am here to tell you it ends here and now. I wish you could see yourself through the eyes of someone else, perhaps then you would see your beauty. Once you realise it you can move people, mountains whatever you so desire. I wish that you could see that you are more than a mere reflection in the mirror, more than that.Way more! Anything you can relate back to you,  anything you believe you are...I am telling you here, now and forever you are way more than that. I dare to start appreciating your assets instead. Lovingly remind yourself  daily of all your assets and focus your energy on your good qualities. For you are already be-YOU-tiful!

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