Thursday, 3 October 2013

You are what you believe yourself to be...

Your belief in yourself, regardless of your upbringing, circumstances and your experiences has shaped you into to who you are today. Who you are is largely determined by how you see yourself. Your belief in yourself dictates all that you are.

They don't say your attitude determines your aptitude for no good reason. For the most part your perception of reality which is intrinsically linked to your attitude in life predisposes ourselves to certain behaviours which align our intentions and actions. When our intentions and actions are misaligned we breed chaos, we cannot function effectively until what is in our hearts is brought forth into every action we do. If your actions and intentions are misaligned then this speaks volumes, it says to the universe that you do not believe in yourself, your capabilities or dreams.

Don't live a life doubting your worth, the possibility of your dreams and the capacity of your intellect. Don't let those thoughts consume you! Be at peace with yourself!

Heart Follower

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