Monday, 30 September 2013

Characteristics of self-actualizers

  1. Problem-centred; Focus on problems outside themselves, other centred.They have a mission in life requiring much energy,their mission is their reason for existence. They are serene, characterised by a lack of worry, and are devoted to duty. Self-actualisers are autonomous; they choose the direction of their lives.They are independent and resourceful. 
  2.  Accept themselves and others as they are
  3. Spontaneity in thought and action; They are willing to take risks and experiment with their lives.They are unrestrained and uninhibited.
  4. They perceive reality efficiently and can tolerate uncertainty;
  5. Unusual sense of humour; Self-actualisers are able to laugh at themselves. Because their sense of humour is non-hostile, they are able to make jokes about others that are not hurtful or spiteful.     
  6. Ability to look at life objectively; Self-actualisers are not easily fooled. They are open-minded and skeptical, willing to consider all ideas, but equally willing to dismiss them if they don't stand up to critical analysis.             
  7. Highly creative; Inborn uniqueness that carries over into everything they do, see the real and true more easily, original, inventive and less inhibited.    
  8. Establish deep satisfying interpersonal relationships with a few people
  9. Capable of deep appreciation of basic life-experience; Every day provides an opportunity to enjoy the good the things that life has to offer. Self-actualisers never tire of seeing. Their enjoyment and appreciation are as intense the twentieth times as they were the first.             
  10. Concerned for the welfare of humanity
  11. Need for privacy; As well as enjoying close relationships with others, self-actualisers enjoy their own company.They enjoy regular solitude. Alone but not lonely, unflappable, retain dignity amid confusion and personal misfortunes, objective. They are self starters, responsible for themselves, own behaviours.      
  12. Resistant to enculturation but not purposely unconventional
  13. Peak experiences; Self-actualisers frequently experience moments of high excitement, ecstasy, harmony and deep meaning.
  14. Democratic attitudes; Able to learn from anyone, humble. Friendly with anyone regardless of class, education,  political belief, race or colour.     
  15. Strong moral/ethical standards

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