Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Stop the glorification of busy

Today I am telling my excuses to back off and I am on a mission to change my life. It's so easy  when your busy to tell someone ''not now I am really busy'' but the truth is when you stop making your connections with people important -it's you who loses out. Sometimes the very person you have been avoiding is the person you need to connect with the most. Sometime when we allow the connections to be made by spending time or sending a simple ''Good Morning '' text or a '' Hope you have a great day '' message is that little something or sometimes even the only thing in that person's day that made them smile. Make time for the people that matter. You say you care about them then go ahead and show it.

Nothing on this earth is guaranteed. So if you want something, do something about it. Have a story to tell. Tell it!  If you believe that life owes you something then you are in for disappointments. Life owes you nothing. You owe it to yourself to be all that you were made to be. There are no guarantees. The time is now.  If we spend our lives  '' I can't '' or '' I am too busy'' we miss out on connecting with the human race , we miss out on all  the beauty in the world. Which is just the saddest thing everrr!
Truth is we will never feel fulfilled until we connect ourselves with a purpose and that we must find for ourselves.We are our absolute best selves when we are connected to others, supporting them in their goals and them supporting ours.

I am on a mission to change myself and become the best me possible. We can be master minds together, join my circus of love . <3

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