Sunday, 3 November 2013

Let the healing happen

To allow healing to take place we must tell our untold stories. We must open the dialogue up for discussion, allow people to give their perspective on things, this doesn't mean you adopt their opinions  just that you need to see things from other perspectives. To gain such access to insights   we must look back in time or sometimes gain some insight from a close friend. Sometimes during difficult or stressful times we may have repressed certain issues. For me I had a couple of issues that I had repressed. To move on in life we must bring these issues into our awareness otherwise the rest of our life will be like swimming with an ankle weight.
Don't be afraid to open up, to be yourself, it is the way it ought to be. Feel free to speak your truth but don't let the negatives control your life. Release what's holding you back. Then and only then can you be free to be all that you were meant to be. Let the healing happen. Let the love in. May your hopes shape your future instead of all those things that hurt us.

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