Monday, 15 July 2013

Perceptive is Everything

Let me start by telling you a  story:

Four men were arguing about religion and God, each insisting that their God was the 'real' one. Unable to convince one another, they went to Buddha.
Buddha brought the four blind men to an elephant and asked them to tell him what they ''see''. One man was near the trunk and it was a cylinder,the next was near the stomach and so insisted it was a wall,the third was near the leg and felt sure it was a pillar and the fourth man got the tail and was adamant it was a rope.
Buddha asked ''So who is right?''

Every problem or situation has many sides to it. While yours may be true for you,other opinions can also be true. Perspective changes everything. So when you are dealing with something that's just too hard to handle and doesn't make any sense, you ought to realise that sometimes we are too close to the problem at hand and we need to take a step back(literally), get away from the situation to gain a different perspective on the problem. So that we can come back and shed a different light on the situation.

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